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Sunset Academy has been a great second home for both of my children. We started both our son and daughter at Sunset when they were three months old. Our kids attend Sunset Monday through Friday.They are very communicative about any incidents that happen through the day as well as their general observations. They have also been open to any concerns that I have had and worked to remedy them quickly. Sunset Academy has helped us as parents through some of the tougher transitions such as potty training, eating solids, going from 2 naps to one and weaning them of the bottle. From my experience, all of the teachers at Sunset Academy have a genuine care for the children and their well being. I would recommend Sunset Academy to any parent looking for a safe and caring environment for their children.

Steve H

My 3 1/2 year old son has been attending Sunset Academy since he just began to walk. When I visited Sunset when evaluating daycares in the area I was amazed at what these little one year olds were learning. It was crazy to me that they were walking their plates and cups over to the sink after lunch. In every classroom since he was One I have always felt a real connection between our family & his teachers. I recently started my second son in the Cub’s infant room. The team in the infant room has welcomed my “check-in” calls (sometimes several times a day) and are always happy to give me an update. My little guy wasn’t taking a bottle right away and they offered some great suggestions to help him along. They call me sometimes to let me know that my baby is having a good day and the director even sent me a few texts with pictures to hep assure me that he is getting plenty of snuggles, love and attention. Although it is always hard to leave my children in someone else’s care, the peace and mine that I get from the teachers at Sunset is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Lesley & Jack G

Our child has learned so much in his short time at Sunset.  He talks about it every day.  He loves his “school” and all the teachers he’s had the joy in spending time with.  Everyday he tells me about the fun things they did that day.  We are very pleased with our choice in daycare.  Sunset is awesome!

Shylla G

Our two children attend Sunset Academy and we could not be more satisfied with their care.  Our kids love Sunset so much that they are sad on Saturday morning when they realize it’s not a school day!  The staff is amazingly kind and has made such a huge effort to really get to know our kids, their personalities, and their likes and dislikes.  Sunset provides a loving and fun environment, but we’ve been amazed at the educational quality as well.  The teachers at Sunset have truly helped to inspire a love of books, art, and music in both of our children.  The center is spacious, with a great outdoor space, and is very clean and well maintained.  I can’t imagine our kids being anywhere else!

Justin & Darcie C.

We are pleased with the love, kindness, humor, and respect show by the teachers in our precious daughters room.  She loves these teachers and refers to them as her “friends”.  She looks forward to each day, and talks often about everything she enjoys about her school.  As educators, we were pleased with the attention paid to early learning practices like singing, reading, talking, playing and writing within the classroom.  These activities helped our daughter reach her developmental milestones by skillfully combining structure  activities with the free play times that is so important to growing little brains.  When facing some of the challenges that come with raising a toddler, the teachers gave us information, guidance, and listening ears to see us through.  We are so thankful that we had these teachers during this particular stage of our lives, and the memories we shared with them will be in our hearts forever.

Becki & Jody L.

My son entered Sunset Academy when he was 6 weeks old.  He was so tiny it was hard to trust anyone to take care of him.  I was that crazy mom who stopped by on my lunch breaks to see him.  All the teachers welcomed me, understood me and reassured me that I was always welcome regardless of the time of day I needed to see him.  The teachers made an effort to communicate what was going on with him every day.  They helped address my day to day worries by making sure I knew everything that happened throughout the day.  It made me feel more confident in leaving him each day.  My son is still a thought in my mind but I don’t worry about his care.  I know he is being fed, changed and cuddled all day long.

Kristie S.

WOW!! This facility has ruined every other child care establishment in my book. I wouldn’t dream of ever taking my children anywhere else! I toured a large number of places when I moved here, \and this one was definitely the best. My children love the staff, activities and the “feel” of Sunset, and on days that we don’t go, they beg to go back to “school”. I am very impressed with everything overall, and look forward to having my children there for as long as I can. Great job guys!! (and thank you)


Both of my kids have been going to Sunset since the were 12 weeks old. From the infant care all the way to private kindergarten, my kids have thrived under the loving and caring watch of all of the teachers and staff at Sunset. Not only do they spend time developing children emotionally, educationally and physically (with lots and lots of outside play!) they also work very hard to offer school-wide special events throughout the year. From Easter Egg Hunts (with nearly 7,000 eggs!) to a great Halloween celebration – and of course a full Christmas Pageant – Sunset Academy has been great for my kids and for my husband and me – I can’t imagine them anywhere else.

Susan L.