Black Bears January 2018 Newsletter

Hello everybody and happy new year!

I hope this year we can all work together in helping the kids progress even further!

Please make sure the kids are prepared to go outside even if it has snowed. We go outside if the temperature is over 30 degrees. It may not be for the full time but we will go out to run off some energy.

Also there is a parent Info board right when you walk in the classroom above where the kids put their lunchboxes. This board will have the newsletter posted along with any important dates that you should know about. If it’s not in the newsletter it will be posted here.

We will be finishing the letter of the week soon and be starting sight words. When we start to sift words I will post copies of the sift word list on our parent info board. If you would like to grab a copy please do.

Thanks for all your understanding and help!
Ms Maddy, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Pam