Kindergarden November 2017 Newsletter

Happy November everybody!

November brings with it chilly weather, so please plan ahead for your child and provide waterproof pants, gloves/mittens, boots, jacket and a hat to store in the classroom. These items may be stored in a reusable bag (no grocery bags please) and we are in need of extra clothes donations for our age group, so if you have extra old clothes on had we would be happy to receive them. Also, please refrain from bringing toys from home into the classroom unless specifically requested or unless your family would like to donate toys to the classroom for everybody to use.

Kindergarten curriculum builds upon our study of letter sounds as we introduce rhyming word endings, counting syllables, and letter blends. Math will build upon our study of similarities and differences through counting and identifying quantities and we will revisit the concept of proportion through our seasonal cooking experience. November is a great month to learn about Colorado and community. We will talk about what makes Colorado unique and why we should be thankful to live in such a fantastic state. We will also learn the different ways people interact in a community, how neighborhoods contribute to a larger community, and how recycling, volunteering, donating, and sharing resources or information all help to sustain a community.

Mark your calendars for NOVEMBER 16, 2017 and please join us for a special lunch in celebration of Thanksgiving. Ms. Jolene will be preparing a Thanksgiving meal for lunch that day and we hope parents can join students at 11:45 for this meal.


NOVEMBER 20-24 is FALL BREAK for St. Vrain Valley School District and our Kindergarten class will not be in session this entire week. A sign-up sheet will be posted out front of our classroom and on the teacher’s clip board for Fall break week. Please sign your child in or out for the entire week so that we can plan for your child’s attendance. Also, please provide a sack lunch and afternoon snack for your child the entire week of Fall break. Our kitchen will provide a morning snack for everyone in attendance. Sunset Academy is closed on Thanksgiving Day and we hope that everyone has a wonderful and relaxing holiday!


Ms, Stephanie