Grizzly Bears November 2017 Newsletter

Happy November, Grizzly families!

As we move into the holiday season we will be signing students in or out for the days they will be out of school so we can plan fun and educational activities for our attending Grizzly students. Please let the teachers know if your student(s) will be in.

Sunset Academy themes for November include Transportation, Harvest/Leaves, Thanksgiving, and a STEM focus on Ramps and Bridges.

The Grizzly students have been working on our sunflower seed harvest and are excited to complete the seed packages. If you admired our amazing sunflowers, you can pick up some seeds for planting, or take some for roasting in the near future.

The variety of students in this program lends to a very flexible afternoon space. We support and encourage students working on homework while offering unique creative learning opportunities to students of all ages. We are so excited about the amazing artwork our students produce daily, and we have enjoyed watching their fine motor skills grow while they express themselves through art.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Grizzly teachers,

Ms. Lindsey, Mr. Rob, Ms. Stephanie, and Ms. Rachel