Black Bears October 2017 Newsletter

Happy fall everyone! This month we have a lot going on. This month we will be having our fall festival again, where there will be games and goodies in each room for the kids and families to enjoy. Around this time the teachers and students from every room will be decorating our door for a door contest the classroom that has the best-decorated door will get a prize. The parents will be able to vote on the doors. There will likely be a box that you can drop your vote in on the front desk when you walk into sunset. We would love your participation!

Since it is fall we do ask that the kids come with a jacket. We do still have kids showing up with not jackets so please have they come prepared. Also if there are any extra kid clothes that you don’t need anymore we are currently looking for donations in case the kids need to change and they don’t have any clothes in their cubbies. If your kid does need to borrow some of our clothes we do ask that they are laundered and returned so we can keep using them, please.

Sunset is participating in teacher reviews, if teachers receive positive reviews they will earn a gift card, and so will the person who wrote it. If you would like to help support the teachers then visit sunset academy on Google, Facebook, and to leave a positive review about the teacher’s deed. Thank you so much and let have lots of fun this fall season!

Important Dates:

Fall Festival – October 27 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. If you are able or willing to, we are accepting donations of candy and small toys for example (erasers, pencils, stickers, etc.) for the festival.