Panda 2 September 2017 Newsletter

September is primarily devoted to settling down and getting to know each other as well as our self. We will learn to understand our emotions and how to express our feelings in a positive way. Following directions, listening, and becoming aware of those around us will be an ongoing endeavor. We will be introducing colors, shapes and sign language. Our classroom games and activities are designed to enhance the children’s development in these areas. Painting, gluing and cutting will also be introduced. Proper use of materials is our main concern, as well as your child’s discovery of his or her ability to create! Washing hands in the classroom will be a daily ritual. “Please” and “Thank you” will become special words verbally and through sign! I am looking forward to a special time with your child this year, and I anticipate a good start to our school year, with much learning, sharing and having fun!


Fall seems to be sneaking up on us fast! Please be sure to leave a lightweight sweater at school for your child. Also, as a friendly reminder please be sure to check your child’s cubby note daily to see if diapers, clothes, or other items are needed! We require that your child have a minimum of 4 complete pairs of extra clothes. In an effort to prevent lost personal items, please remember to label ALL items your child brings to school. (Toys, extra clothes, cups, Tupperware, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc.) We will label any unlabeled items with a Sharpe Marker.



Please bring in a family photo the first week of September (5-8th). We will be learning about our families the following week, and we will share our family photos during circle time throughout the week. Thank you!





September 4 – Labor Day, Sunset Academy is Closed

September 5 – Bring a family picture to school



Themes for the month are:


Sep. 4th  – 8th – Feelings

Sep. 11th – 15th – My Family

Sep. 18th  – 22nd – Fall

Sep. 25th – 29th – Community Helpers


STEM– Veterinary Clinic