Koala 2 September 2017 Newsletter

Important News:

We say good-bye to Ms. Patty and wish her only the best as she leaves Sunset Academy to pursue another chapter in her life.

Ms. Leewitt will transitioning to Koala 2 (18 month -2 year old) classroom right after the Labor Day hoiday. Ms. Leewitt has previously worked with Koala prior to Grizzly’s and will be a great addition to that classroom. Many of you know Ms. Leewitt as the lead teacher of our Grizzly classroom because many of the Koalas have siblings in that room.

September has the possiblity of cooler weather.  Please remind your children to bring a jacket or coat to be prepared for any unexpected temperature changes.

Important Dates:  

 9/4/17 Labor Day – Sunset Academy will be closed

Reminders regarding these important dates will be on the white board outside Koala Room where the weekly theme is posted.


The Themes for September are:

  • Apples
  • Where We Live
  • My Family
  • Fall
  • Community Helpers


We thank you for your patience and support during the transition for Koala 2 this month.

Ms. Leewitt