Koala 1 September 2017 Newsletter

We have had many changes happen in the Koala rooms. We bid farewell to Ms. Brittany and Ms. Patty We wish them well on their new adventures. We welcome Ms. Leewitt as the new Koala 2 Lead Teacher Ms. Leewitt has worked in the Koala classroom before and we are excited to have her join us again.

Brekken, Kian, and Liza have transitioned to Koala 2.  Ava, Nina, and Kennedy have transitioned to our classroom from Teddies. We welcome you and are excited to have you join our classroom and become our new friends.

Our children are still working hard on their sign language. It is truly enjoyable when parents come in and comment about how their children are using their sign language at home. We are planning on providing a book for families to use at home so they know what signs we are working on during class.

For our first two themes, we will be sending home a poster board as a little homework project for families to work on together. Please tell us a little bit more about where they live and about their family and about their child who is in the Koala’s. We hope you find this to be a fun project and it’s exciting to see the end results of how families have decorated their poster boards. Please be creative and have FUN!

Just a friendly reminder to please remember to take home blankets at the end of the week so you can wash them and bring them back the next week. Also please take everything out of your child’s basket to make sure they still have clothes that fit or if they need to be changed out as the season start to change.


Themes for the month are:

Where We Live

My Family


Community Helpers


Have a wonderful September!