Brown Bears September 2017 Newsletter

We hope you enjoyed your long weekend making family time memories.

The Brown Bear Family is off to a great start. Your children have gotten used to our routine and everything is going smoothly. For those parents that were not able to attend Our Meet and Greet please read the pages “What your child will need” and the summary on the last page is the overview in the welcome packet. We have only received one box of wipes and many cubbies are empty of a change of clothes. Please bring a blanket to stay for the week and be laundered over the weekend. Everyone seems aware water bottles go home daily. Thank you for that.

Your children have begun making the letter of the week books. They color, cut, and individually read them to us. Please have them read them to you at home to reinforce letter recognition and sound. They are still learning how to cut on a line so don’t expect perfect pages. The steps and instructions and letter are most important.

The month of September will bring discussions and activities about:  Where We Live, My Family, Fall, & Community Helpers. STEM will be veterinary clinic. Please remember to provide a family photo your child can keep posted for the year in their cubby by Tuesday, September 5. They can practice public speaking at circle time and tell us all about their family!

Fall is coming we have so many observations and learning about the natural world around us. We have loved observing our garden and sunflowers and comparing sizes. Some sunflower leaves are as big as your child’s hand! Aside from the observations here in Colorado, we will also learn about the different environments around the United States during the Where We Live theme.

Community Helpers is a great theme to make your children aware of all the important people helping to make this a great place to live. It also opens up a dialogue about some visitors they will have in October. Exciting times!

Veterinary clinic will be a fun addition to add to community helpers. The children love using the medical equipment on our stuffed animals and the cash register is always a big hit. They will learn the care and needs of pets as well.

Please don’t ever hesitate with questions or concerns our email is

Remember to love them, hug them, laugh lots and read, read, read! They grow quickly.

Ms. Diane & Ms. Leslie