Black Bears September 2017 Newsletter

Hello everyone, fall is coming so please make sure the kids have a sweater to wear when the mornings might be a little chilly.

If we have any community helpers come visit the class we will write the date on the white board, so you can plan if your child attends. Every Friday we will have show and share so we would like the children to bring items according to the theme of the week. Our plan is to have some of the children share on the black chair to the whole class, obviously, we won’t be able to have everybody share each time, so every week we will rotate to allow all children to share.

After our circle time, we will have the children play with their show and shares at centers. Please note that if your child brings something breakable let one of the teachers know so we can keep it safe on the counter.

We do have a parent’s communication book hanging by the door in the class. If you need to take days off or have any important information you need the teachers to know, we ask that you write it in the book.

September 4: Labor Day – Sunset Academy will be closed

Themes for the Month:

Where We Live

My Family


STEM – Veterinary Clinic