It is “Physical Education with Imagination”! This is an international fitness program that works with toddlers and preschoolers in childcare centers world- wide.  We are a physical fitness program but also a health and wellness program – Not only teaching the children their muscles and the importance of exercise and the proper way to do it, we also teach about good nutrition, getting enough sleep, proper hygiene, and many other healthy points. We work on the whole child. From our warm-up stories all the way through the 30-minute class to the cool down and stretching, we are having fun using kid-friendly equipment and music. We are always working on strength building, cardio, flexibility, and balance. The classes change weekly with different music, different equipment, and the child receives a healthy handout to share with their family, in each class. I do the classes at Sunset Academy on Tuesday mornings. The first class is from 9-9:30 and the 2nd class runs from 9:45-10:15. Pandas, Polars, Brown Bears and Black Bears are all invited to join us. The new tuition starting Sept 1 will be $30 / month. (This is the first increase I have had in 12 years). My goal has always been to keep costs low, so more children can join us because good health is for all income levels. I do not run sessions – anyone can start or stop at any time. I have been the owner/director for Stretch-n-Grow of Larimer, Weld and Boulder Counties for 23 years now. I would love for your child  (your “star”), to join us. We get “EXERCITED”!

 Michelle Johnson