Koala 2 August 2017 Newsletter

Can you believe it’s August already?  Summer is almost over and many are getting ready for school-age children to go back to school.

Remember, even though it is summer, children still get sick. If your child is sick, please note that in a Center environment, illness can spread easily. Please let your child’s teacher and Administration at the front desk (Nina or Stacey) know so that an illness notification can be posted on our outside board to ensure awareness of a potential illness, thus minimizing the exposure to other children and staff in the Center. Thank you for your understanding.

Please notify Administration and your child’s teacher(s) if your child has allergies or has come down with allergies to insure your child’s records are updated appropriately. If your child is required to take medication, please let Nina or Stacy in Administration know and they will provide you with a form to take to your child’s doctor to be filled out and returned to the front desk so that your child will receive their medication as prescribed.

Our Splash Day is going in the first week of September. All of the children have enjoyed Splash Day’s having a lot of fun with each other.

Themes for the month are:

Color/Shapes 31st – 4th

Zoo 7th-11th

Back to School 14th-18th

All about me 21st-25th

STEM Auto Repair Shop

As always if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Koala 2 Teachers