Koala 1 August 2017 Newsletter

The Koalas are having lots of fun cooling off during Splash Day’s. Our class will continue to have Splash Day’s until Friday September 1st.

Our Koala friends have been working very hard on using their sign language please continue to encourage them to use their signs at home as well. If you are not sure about a certain sign please ask Miss Brittany or Miss Brenda and we will help you.

We say a sad goodbye to Elina as she is spending time at home with her mom. We welcome Dylan to the Koala classroom, we are happy to have you as our new friend.

When your child is going to be out please remember to let the Administration (Nina or Stacey) in order to staff appropriately.

Be sure to check your child’s cubby to make sure they have clothes that still fit them. Your child should have at least two outfits in their cubby at all times. Please remember to take your child’s blanket home every Friday to be washed.

Themes for the month are:

Colors & Shapes – Children will be learning different colors and what kind of colors we can make by mixing the primary colors. In addition, children will be learning about different shapes and where they can find them.

Zoo – Children will be learning about the different animals that are found at the Zoo as well as what kind of noises they make.

Back to school – we will be using different types of school supplies pencils, crayons, markers and talk about the bus they ride to and from school.

All about me – this is a fun unit because we get the family involved. We will be sending out a letter as the time gets closer. Koala 1’s will have “homework “, so keep an eye out for this activity.

Koala 1 Teachers