Cubs August 2017 Newsletter

Hello from the Cub’s room!  We would like to first welcome Caden and Michael to the Cubs family! We are so excited to have you.  Congratulations to Magnolia and Gibson for graduating to the Teddy classroom! We will sure miss your smiling faces.

Did you know that everyday your baby’s brain is developing and forming new synapse? For example, a newborn gazes into his caregivers eyes and his caregiver responds by smiling and cooing. The baby learns that his actions have meaning and can be shared.

A 6 month-old baby experience hunger and his caregivers provide him with a warm bottle of milk. He learns that difficult experiences do not last long.

Your babies are so amazing! Every experience they have at school and at home helps to develop that wonderful little brain of theirs.


Thank you for sharing your babies with us!

Ms. Anette, Ms. Romina, Ms. Carol

Cubs Lead Teacher