Black Bears August 2017 Newsletter

Happy August everyone! To our children who will be transitioning this month we wish you the best and will miss you.  We hope you will have fun at your new schools and wish you lots of success.

Thank you to our parent’s for all of your help throughout the year. We hope your children’s transitions are smooth and uneventful.

The themes this month are:



Back to School

All About Me


August 15th Brown Bears will be transitioning to our class. If you need to keep a child in our class after that day till their school starts, please make sure you have cleared this with the front desk (Nina or Stacey), to make sure we have space available.

Meet and greet night is on August 10th. Please take this opportunity to come and meet with your child’s new teachers so they may answer any questions you have. We look forward in Black Bears is around insuring your child is ready and prepared for Kindergarten.

After about a week or two, we will be conducting assessments in order to baseline where your child’s developmental level is. Around the middle of the school year we will be holding parent/teacher conferences where we will discuss your child’s progress and can set goals you would like for your child.

Black Bear Teachers