Panda 2 Newsletter July 2017

We are excited to welcome the month of July! The Panda 2 classroom has many exciting summer themes during this month! We were especially excited to celebrate the Fourth of July during our school wide picnic! The children had a lot of fun participating in the various activities and filling their bellies up with yummy food!  Thank you to all the families who came to the picnic!

As warmer days continue to approach, it is important to protect your child’s skin from the hot sun. If you apply sunscreen to your child before arriving to school, we ask that you fill out the Sunscreen Application Form located on the Parent Board in the classroom. This form is required by State Licensing and I thank you for taking the time to quickly sign it each time you have applied sunscreen to your child. We will reapply the sunscreen in the afternoon before going outside. A memo will be sent out for those children who do not have sunscreen or may need a new bottle.

Splash Day has been one of our favorite days during the week! We will continue to have Splash Days every Friday in the morning. Wet towels and swimsuits will be sent home to be washed. In the event that weather is rainy or under 68 degrees we will not have Splash Day and you do not have to bring your child in his/her swimsuit.

Parents that are struggling with potty training…. please hang in there. It can be hard to fit it in with your busy schedules but if you spend one full weekend to it I promise it will be much more successful in the long run. Put a timer on your cell phone to go off every 30 minutes. Take them, sit with them, use stickers, read to them…keep at it! Naked works too!


  •            July 4- Independence Day SCHOOL CLOSED


  •              3rd  – 7th           Red, White, Blue
  •             10th – 14th               Vacations
  •             17th – 21st        Sports
  •             24th  – 28th       Puppets

STEM- Airport


Ms. Sammi