Panda 1 Newsletter June 2017

We hope all of the father’s had a nice Father’s Day last month, and that those of you who were able to join us for our Annual Fourth of July Picnic had a good time. We would like to remind everyone that we will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day – we hope that everyone has a fun and safe Fourth of July!

Summer is in full swing, and we have been taking every opportunity to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  With that said, if you your child will be arriving to school after 8:00AM, we ask that you please apply sunscreen to them before dropping them off; we will reapply it before going outdoors in the afternoon.

Weather permitting, we will continue to host Splash Days every Friday morning for the duration of the summer months. Please bring your child to school dressed in their swimsuit (underneath their clothing) and water-safe shoes. We also ask that you please provide a towel and an additional pair of shoes. Sunhats and sunglasses are also recommended.

Per Colorado State rules and regulations, we are required to keep a log of all sunscreen application that occurs prior to the children arriving at school. If you have applied sunscreen to your child before dropping them off, please take a moment to note it in the “Sunscreen Application Log” which is posted on the half door as you enter the Panda One side of the classroom. Thank you!

At your earliest convenience, please survey the contents of your child’s cubby and exchange any cold weather apparel for more season appropriate attire. We also ask that you please provide a minimum of one full change of clothing (i.e. top, bottoms, and socks) to be kept in your child’s cubby in case of an accident or spill. We do our best to avoid these things, but accidents do happen.

Also, we’d like to ask for your support in helping us maintain a safe classroom. We have discovered several hazardous items (i.e. coins, rubber balls, safety pins, balloons, and even a wood screw – yikes!) hiding out in the children’s pockets and cubbies lately. The health and safety of the children in our care is of the utmost importance to us, and while we do our very best to ensure a healthy and safe learning environment, we can use all the help we can get! So please check your child’s pockets, clothing, and bags for any items that could be dangerous before bringing them into the classroom. Thank you! 🙂

July Curriculum

  • Week 1: Stars and Stripes
  • Week 2: Vacations
  • Week 3: Sports Week
  • Week 4: Puppets/Children’s Choice

STEM Theme

  • Airport


Last month we bid a fond farewell to our friends Anastasia (Lolo) and Weston. Lolo is off to spend the summer with her family. We will miss her very much, and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Weston transitioned to the Panda Two classroom. Congratulations on your graduation, Weston! We are very proud of you! We also welcomed two new friends, August and Kamuy, to the Panda One Room. August moved up from the Koala Two Room, and Kamuy and his family are new to the Center. Please join us in welcoming them to Pandas.