Cubs Newsletter for July 2017

You may have noticed a few new cute baby faces in our classroom.  I would like to welcome Luna, Logan, Elliot and Harper to our Cub’s family!  I would also like to congratulate William and Ella Mae for graduating to the Teddy’s class.  We will miss you!

As our cub babies continue to grow and learn, its been fun to see the different stages they are at.  Some of our friends are discovering their fingers and toes, while others are discovering the friends sitting next to them on the floor.  It’s been so fun to watch our cubs discover themselves and their friends.

Please help me in welcoming Ms. Romina back to the Cubs classroom.  The cubs are very excited to have Ms. Romina as part of our cubs family. Ms. Hedy is off on a new adventure and we wish her the best of luck.

The Cubs Teachers: Ms. Anette, Ms. Romina, Ms. Carol