Brown Bears Newsletter for July 2017

Happy July we hope everyone enjoyed the holiday making fresh memories, and had a chance to see some fireworks.

The first week of July will have us discussing America and making red, white, and blue projects to go along with the Fourth of July holiday.

The second week will be centered on vacations. Your child will be the illustrator of their dictated vacation stories.

The third week we will learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly. This will be an exciting unit because we will actually see the transformation happening in our classroom. Looking forward to 5 live healthy caterpillar’s morphing into five painted lady butterflies. Always a favorite!

We will finish up the month with a unit on sports. Weather will play a part, but we are hoping to use the field for a sports day as long it’s not too hot.

STEM is airport which fits perfectly with our unit on vacations. So many Brown Bears have been on planes many times already!

Splash day has begun on Thursdays weather permitting. We really appreciate the reusable bags to keep clothes organized and have a place for wet items. Thank you! The kids are having a blast as are we. It is wonderful to have so many children independent enough to completely change themselves. This is such an important skill for their self-esteem.

As always don’t hesitate with questions or concerns our email is sure handy

Remember love em, hug em, laugh lots and READ, READ, READ! They grow quick!

Enjoy the summer time!

Brown Bear Teachers,

Ms. Diane, Ms. Leslie, Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Passion