Black Bears Newsletter for July 2017

Hello everybody! Thank you to all the parents who brought extra shirts for our tie-dye activity, that did help us finish all of the friends and was greatly appreciated.

Now this month our themes will be stars and stripes, vacations, sports, and kids choice.

Miss Lindsey has joined the brown bear class because they were in need of a teacher, and over the summer the number of kids in blacks has dropped for summer vacations. At 5:30 we will be combining in the grizzly bear room until 6. This month some of our teacher will be taking short vacations, myself included. We will only be gone for a week at a time so if you have any questions feel free to ask any teachers that are available.

Every Thursday is splash day, bug spray might be a good idea that morning if you want us to apply here at school we just need a doctor’s note saying we can apply it whenever the need arises. We do also nap on splash days so a small blanket might be a good idea.

Our center will be closed on the fourth of July, but we will be open on the rest of the week.


Ms. Maddy, Ms. Pam, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Morgan