Cubs Newsletter for June 2017

Summer is here! Our cubs are growing by leaps and bounds.  If we could just stop time and keep our babies little for a while more.

We are sad to say that Hayes has moved up to Teddies. We will miss you! Please stop by and see us. Cubs would like to welcome Avery, Zima and Rachel to our classroom. We are excited to watch you learn and grow.

In the past month, the weather has significantly improved and we’ve been able to venture from our classroom, outside! The babies love going outside in the Bye- Bye buggy for walks around the center. Please remember hats and jackets for the children to keep them comfortable outside.

Welcome back to Ms. Hedy from her Wedding day. The children missed you and are glad that you have returned. Congratulations to you and your new husband Joshua.

If you have any questions please feel free to stop by and let us know.


Ms. Anette, Ms. Hedy, Ms Carol and Ms. Mackenzie

Cubs Teachers