Panda 1 Newsletter for June 2017

Dear Panda One Families,

We hope all of the mothers had a lovely Mother’s Day last month, and that everyone enjoyed a nice, long Memorial Day weekend.  Also, we would like to wish all of the fathers a happy Father’s Day on the 18th!

School is out, and summer is just around the corner!  We hope that the rainy days of May are behind us, and these warm temperatures are here to stay.  If you haven’t already, please provide a bottle of sunscreen for your child, as we will be taking every opportunity to bring the classroom outdoors.  We ask that you please apply a layer of sunscreen to your child before dropping them off at school in the morning; we will reapply it in the afternoon before taking the children outdoors.  Also, please take inventory of your child’s cubby to ensure that a) at least one full change of clothing is provided, and b) all clothing is season appropriate.  Thank you!

Upcoming Events

Our first Splash Day of the season will be held on Friday, June 2nd, during our regularly scheduled outdoor time (9:30AM-10:30AM).  We will continue hosting Splash Days every Friday throughout the summer months.  Please bring your child to school dressed in their swimsuit and water shoes.  We also ask that you please provide a towel and an extra pair of shoes.  Hats and sunglasses are also recommended.

June Curriculum

  • Week 1: The Great Outdoors
  • Week 2: Story Book*
  • Week 3: Father’s Day
  • Week 4: Summer Fun
  • Week 5: Popcorn, Watermelon, and Ice Cream

*The children are encouraged to bring in their favorite story book(s) to share with the class.


Pizza Parlor – The children will be creating their own personal pizzas to enjoy during snack time.  For those of you that are interested in contributing, a sign-up sheet with a list of ingredients will be posted on the white board in the hallway just outside of the Panda Room door. Thank you in advance, your contributions are greatly appreciated!


Last month we welcomed two new friends, Chloe and Kyla, to the Panda One Room.  Chloe is a recent graduate from the Koala Two classroom, and Kyla and her family are new to Sunset Academy.  Please join us in welcoming all of them to the Panda One Room.

Important Dates

  • Create Your Own Pizza Day – TBD
  • 6/18 – Father’s Day
  • Tuesdays: Stretch-n-Grow with Miss Michelle**
  • Wednesdays: Little Belly Breaths Yoga with Miss Pam**
  • Fridays: Splash Day!!!/Musicare with Miss Amy**

**By registration only

As always, we welcome your feedback!  Should you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with one of us.

Until next month, take care!


Miss Becka and Miss Ere

The Panda One Teachers