Koala 1 Newsletter for June 2017

Starting Friday June 2nd we will be having Splash day please make sure that your child has a swimsuit and a towel. If your child does not come prepared for Splash day they will not be able to participate as we do not have extra swimsuits. Splash Day will continue every Friday through summer.

Please go through your child’s cubby to make sure the extra clothes that are in there will fit them you know our little ones are growing fast and with the weather changing we want them to have the appropriate clothing.

Thank you to all the parents who brought us the wonderful gifts for teacher appreciation week they  meant a lot to us we enjoy taking care of your little ones.

We welcome ElIna to our classroom we are excited to have you as our new friend. Clement is taking time off for the summer to spend with family  have lots of fun we can’t wait to see you back again.

Just a reminder to all of our parents with Summer upon us if you go on vacation or your child will be out please remember to give us a call so we can Staff accordingly.

Koala thems for the month are lazy crazy days, learning with sign language, Father’s Day, summer fun, popcorn watermelon and ice cream. STEM theme for the month is pizza parlor.

Again if you have any questions or concerns please let us know.



Ms Brenda and Ms Brittany

Koala 1 Teachers