Grizzly Bears Newsletter for June 2017


Happy Summer Grizzly Families,

We have opened summer camp with a good kick off.  There are many familiar faces and many new friends with us this year.  Now that Sunset Academy’s summer camp is in full swing we look forward to lots of fun learning with field trips and activities.  We also look forward to getting to know the creative cast of students we get to play with this summer.

As a reminder, we offer an AM snack each day of camp but please remember to have lunches and afternoon snacks packed for your kid(s) every day for Summer Camp.

Keeping our students healthy & hydrated is important.  Water bottles need to be taken home and brought back daily.  This is for your student’s safety, to prevent your student from drinking out of a bottle that could be exposed to any contamination while they were not in the classroom.  Teachers are strict about this and tape closed any water bottle left at the end of the day. This means that the water bottle is not usable the next day.  If your child is without a water bottle on a field trip day we will ask you to pay extra for a water bottle to be purchased & provided for your student.

We try our best to give a bunch of information in the newsletters and classroom calendars to help families and our summer campers continue to have the best experiences with us.  June is no exception with all of the field trips and activities we have planned.  Please take the time to review the emails with the calendars and other attachments. Feel free to ask questions as need arises.  If you have not received the email with calendars please let a Grizzly teacher know.  We will get them out to you as soon as possible.

Our themes this month include:

  • Geological Landscapes
  • Creepy Crawly Week
  • Rock’N’Roll/Father’s day
  • Toy Shop
  • Wacky Water

Each theme has field trips and activities that are related and wrap up in the Friday splash day and classroom activities.  This summer the Grizzly Classroom is reflecting STEAM learning.  STEAM activities and field trips include Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics.  Our summer camp t-shirts reflect this theme as well, “Sunset Academy, STEAM Ahead.”

Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow with your kids as we STEAM through this summer.



Grizzly Bears Teachers

Ms. Leewitt, Ms. Rachel, Mr. Rob, Ms. Steph & Ms. Cindy