Brown Bears Newsletter for June 2017

June is off to a great start! Beautiful weather is helping our sunflowers the children planted along the back fence line to grow. The children are excited and surprised to watch the changes in growth. We have been happy to have had some rain to help the process along. An expected bunny visit was an added highlight to our observations. We spontaneously enjoyed exploring exploding volcanoes in the sandbox. Nothing like vinegar and baking soda to make children squeal with happiness and laughter.

The children have also been enjoying the great outdoors, indoors. The first week had us painting with pine needles, pine cones, and trying our hand at leaf rubbings. Fine motor control to the max! We have been putting our magnifying glasses to much use too.

They will be working hard on making books they can read themselves the second week. We introduced the word family, “at”  already, some of the children have caught on very quickly. We will continue to add more word families throughout the summer. There seems to be no limits on what these amazing sponges can absorb. We are so proud of them all. The one important love you can help build for your child is the love of reading. Reading can take us to amazing places.

Father’s Day will give us an excuse to honor all the fantastic dads and show our appreciation for all they do. We are so fortunate to have such great role models in our Brown Bear family. Thank you daddies!

We will finish up the month celebrating the arrival of summer. Our art will depict some favorite activities as we look forward to summertime fun.

S.T.E.M. Is pizza parlor. The children really enjoyed the flower shop for the month of May, let’s see where they take the pizza parlor. It should be pretty cute to watch the order takers, bakers, and delivery people. The children are so close this time of year that the conversations and actions are delightful. They have matured so much.

Please remember to utilize the notebook in our doorway to help us with upcoming vacations or appointments.

We appreciate all you do. Please don’t ever hesitate with questions or concerns. The email has been handy for many of you.

Enjoy every moment, they grow fast. Hug em,  love em, laugh lots and read, read, read!

Ms. Diane, Ms. Leslie and Ms. Vennesa

The Brown Bears Teachers