Black Bears Newsletter for June 2017

This month we have graduation!

June 16th at 6:30. It is at the plaza event center. We ask that the kids arrive at 6:15 so we can get them ready. Since we are putting caps on the kids, please have the girls keep their hair down. We do have signup sheet for graduation on our door if you haven’t already please sign up if u plan on coming so we can make sure we have gowns available for all the kids.

This month our themes will include the great outdoors, the three little pigs, father’s day, summer fun, and popcorn, watermelon, and ice cream.

For the week of summer fun the 19-23 we would like to do tie dye shirts so we are asking that you bring a plain white t shirt for your child so we can have some fun!

To all of the families that are leaving this summer we will greatly miss you and hope you have a good summer!

Ms. Maddy, Pam, Lindsey