Koala 1 Newsletter for May 2017

April ends with some crazy snow showers hopefully it will bring some pretty May flowers.

Our koala Ones are working hard on learning and using their sign language. Please encourage them to use it at home too. If you’re not sure what science your child is trying to use please ask one of the quality chairs. Together we can figure it out.

Harrison and Luca moved over to Koala Twos  was have fun with Jamie and Patty. Van will be going in the near future. Brekken and Cooper made the big move from Teddies to Koala One. We are so excited to welcome you as our new friends.

Please remember that our koalas need shoes and coats every day. You never know what kind of weather Colorado have!

Themes this month are Cinco De Mayo, Pets and Bugs, Mother’s Day, Kings Queens and Dragons, Lazy Crazy Days; S.T.E.M focus is on Flower shop.

Cinco DeMayo:  we will be counting some beads, rolling tortillas and finding some hidden stem’s in a rice jar.

Pets and Bugs: who has a pet, what kind and their name, how many bugs can we find outside, do they have wings?

Kings Queens and Dragons: we will be comparing how many kings and queens we have in the classroom and try to find a dragon on a dragon hunt.

Lazy crazy days:  We will see what kind of fun we can find during a walk. We will send a note home this Friday asking for your participation in our crazy days.

Weather permitting the Koala’s will start our splash day every Friday starting Friday, June 2. More information to follow as we get closer.