January Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Welcome 2016
This New Year brings freezing weather and many memories both old and new. I am glad to be able to make those memories with you.

This year we have many things in store.  A few changes I hope you will enjoy.

The first is we will continue with our S.T.E.M program for our classes Koalas through Grizzlies. Each month the classrooms will have a different project to work on which incorporates every aspect of S.TE.M.
The month  of January will be learning about the Bowling Alley. It will be fun to see how teachers and students incorporate activities relating to S.T.E.M. into their learning.

The second we will be working with Pamela Daniels, parent of one of our Panda students. She will be introducing Little Belly Breaths to our center. Pamela will be offering classes for our toddlers and preschoolers. These classes will focus on yoga and calming techniques to our little ones. I’m excited to see what our ones will think of these new skills and techniques.  Look around the end of January for a free trial day.

Our third new adventure will be working with the State of Colorado HEAL program to update our menus. The Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) program works to help with healthy eating, active living, and healthy weight to prevent obesity and improve the health of children 0-18  years old. Their  focus  is on early childhood. They have created a 5-2-1-0 program. Asking participants to eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables a day, limit screen time to 2 hours, 1 or more hours of exercise and 0 sugary drinks.  With the help of our onsite nurse and parent  volunteer, you will see some changes in our snack and lunch menus very soon. If you have any suggestions in regards to healthy alternatives please feel free to let me know. I have copied the link here if need more information:


Bryan has sign up sheets up front for your tax statements. When it’s requested we will give you a statement first to look over. If any changes need to be made we will update. At that time we will give you your tax documents. All will be done before the end of January.

We also have new information in our parent handbook. If you would like a copy, please sign up for it as well.

Thank you for everything that you do for Sunset. Without you and your families we would not be the same.

Take care and Happy New Years!

Miss Kristy



Cub Bears

Hello and Happy New Year Cub Families!!

We’ve had a wonderful year of watching our Sunset Academy family grow, we’ve gained the help of some experienced teachers and we’ve been honored to see the development of many beautiful children. For the coming year we would like to once again thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family.

To start off, we would like to give a very warm welcome to a few new Cubs that have recently joined our class: Harrison, Dylan and Teagan. Welcome!

We would also like to say goodbye to a couple of our Cubs that are moving into the Teddy room: Zach and Makella. You will be missed!

This month we are going to work on movement and music with scarves. It should be a really great way to help with their development and we look forward to having some fun with it ourselves.

Another thing, we will be working on an interesting art project in February, so please bring us a Family Picture by January 31st.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Krista or Kristy at any time.

Thanks again, and Happy New Year!!!

Miss Krista, Miss Amanda and Miss Chantell

The Cub Teachers  


Teddy Bears

Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Tina and Ms. Amanda


The Teddies are splashing into the New Year! I hope you had a Happy Holiday.

We in the Teddies class are preparing for the transitions from Cubs to Koalas.

We would like to welcome Aila, Zach and Makella to our class. We are looking forward to spending time with you.

Best Birthday wishes go out to Everest, 1/15 and Abbigail, 1/16.

We will be doing more sensory art and story time with more touch and feel objects this month.

Please inventory your Teddies’ cubby to make sure they have proper extra clothing.

If you have any questions about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Teddy Teachers


The Koala One Classroom

Happy New Year!


January brings us all back together. The Koala teachers hope all of our families had a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Thank you parents for the wonderful treats, special made gifts and gift cards. It is greatly appreciated and meas a lot to us. As teachers we truly enjoy teaching and learning with your precious children.

Greyson will be moving up from Teddy’s to join us in the Koala room this month. We are excited to welcome him as our new friend.

Themes this month are Winter Fun, Winter Animals, Puppets, Different Methods of Art and we will also be incorporating Bowling Alley Fun as a different theme.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please make sure to let us know.

Miss Brenda and Miss Brittany

Koala I Teachers



Koala Two’s

Ms. Jamie and Ms. Patty  

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a great time during the holidays.

We are going to start moving a few children to pandas so we will let you all know as soon as we know a date.

Just a reminder, we do go outside at times when there’s not a lot of snow, so make sure your child has appropriate clothing when we go outside. Also make sure you check their cubbys.

Some clothes that are in the cubbys are too small or are summer clothing.

We have lots of fun activities and art projects planned for this month.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
The Koala II Teachers


Panda One’s

Dear Panda One Families,

Happy New Year!  We hope everyone had a joyful and relaxing holiday.  We would like to thank all of the families that helped to fulfill our wish list from the book fair last month; your contributions are greatly appreciated.  With the holidays now behind us, and our new year’s resolutions in hand, we are looking forward to 2016.

Although the frigid outdoor temperatures kept us classroom-bound for the better part of last month, we didn’t let that stop us from enjoying all of that white fluffy snow.  By filling our sensory table with snow, we were able to bring the outdoors into the classroom.  The children scooped the snow into cups and bowls, packed it into snowballs, stacked the snowballs into miniature snowmen, and observed as the snowmen melted into puddles of water right before their eyes.

With a little luck, and a lot of cooperation from the weather, we’ll be able to enjoy some time outdoors this month.  Please help us keep your child comfortable and warm during outdoor play by providing season-appropriate attire.  Hats, gloves, coats, snow pants, and snow boots are recommended.

The curriculum for the month of January is as follows:
Week 1: Winter Fun – Snow and Ice
Week 2: Winter Animals/Hibernation
Week 3: Puppets/Jungle Animals
Week 4: Under the Sea

We’ll be using our science, math, and motor skills to measure, pour, and mix the various ingredients to make snow-paint (salt and white tempera paint), frozen water colors (water and tempera paint ice cubes), and puffy-paint (glue and shaving cream).  We’ll also continue to explore the difference between liquids and solids, and to discuss the science behind the melting process as we experiment with snow, ice, and water.

Try this at home: Puffy Paint
You will need:
Heavy paper (paper plates also work great for this activity)
White school glue
Shaving cream, foam (not gel)
Wooden spoon
Large mixing bowl
*Optional – food dye**, tempera paint, or liquid watercolors

Combine ingredients and mix gently, ensuring that the shaving cream maintains it’s ‘puffy’ texture. Enjoy!

*WARNING: food dye may stain carpet, furniture, clothing, and skin.

After a brief holiday hiatus, Miss Amy will be returning with a new session of the Musicare program at the end of the month.  The spring session will begin on Friday, January 22nd.  Please see Miss Becka for a sign-up form if you would like to enroll your child.

Alec was promoted to big brother status last month as he and his family welcomed a new baby boy. Congratulations to the Peterson family on their new addition!!!

A new student, Claire, will be joining the Panda One room on Monday, January 4th.  Please join us in welcoming Claire and her family to Sunset Academy!

Important Dates:
12/31: Closing early (at 4;00PM) in observance of New Year’s Eve
01/01: Closed in observance of New Year’s Day
01/04: Welcome Claire and her family to Panda One
01/05: Stretch-n-Grow
01/12: Stretch-n-Grow
01/18: Martin Luther King Day
01/19: Stetch-n-Grow
01/22: Musicare
01/26: Stretch-n-Grow
01/29: Musicare

We are here to help! Should you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions,

please do not hesitate to speak with one of us.

Until next month…take care.


Miss Becka, Miss Erendira, and Miss MaryJane
The Panda One Teachers


Panda Two’s

Happy New Year!!! I can’t believe another year is gone! We hope you had a great year. Thank you for all of our wonderful Christmas gifts! We love watching your children grow and seeing them achieve. Next month we are going to buckle down and start potty training more of our friends. We hope you’re ready…

In January we will be learning about :

Winter fun/ hibernation

Under the sea

and different methods of art

If you have any questions or concerns please see Miss Delora or Miss Jen.

Thank you for letting us care for your child.

Panda Teachers

Ms.Delora, Ms. Jen and Ms. Rachel



Polar Bears

Ms. Toni, Ms. Bridgett & Ms. Becca
Happy new year to all or our families! We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and we wish you all nothing but best for 2016! Please make sure your child has weather appropriate clothing in his/her cubby. Make sure you are taking home your child’s blanket and cup to be washed over the weekend.

Letters this Month: S, T, U & V

Themes this month: Bowling Alley

Winter Fun

Winter Animals / Hibernation

Art Studio

Activities this month

Bowling Alley:


Winter Fun:


Winter Animals / Hibernation:

Hibernation Video


Art Studio:


As Always, please bring us any questions or comments you have about absolutely anything. Happy New Year!


Brown Bears 

Happy New Year! We hope your holidays were filled with many wonderful memories. 2016 will bring about much growth for your child. You will be amazed to see them blossom and we are excited to help it happen.

We will continue guiding them at beginning writing and reading. Let them read their letter of the week books to you. The pictures will help them recognize the word, and beginning sound. You may even point out signs as you drive or shop and ask them what letters they see.

Signing themselves in each morning really has helped them learn to read and write their name. They are so proud of themselves and so are we!

This month we will learn about animals in winter and how they survive. We will also be testing magnet power against rubber band powered vehicles.

It may take your child a bit to get back into a routine but they should settle in before you know it. Hopefully the weather will warm up enough to get back to going outside twice a day. Please have their outside gear available. Waterproof gloves are best for playing in the snow, and keeping their little fingers warm. Their independence is shining as they get themselves ready to go out.  Many children are even zipping!

Thank you for all you do. Please don’t hesitate with any questions or concerns.

The Brown Bear Teachers,

Ms. Diane, Ms. Vanessa, Ms. Julie and Ms. Leslie




 Black Bears

Hello everybody, hope your holidays were great.

This month our themes will include Winter Fun, Winter Animals/Hibernation, Art Studio, Jungle Animals and Under the Sea.

This last month has been very cold and as a result we haven’t been able to go outside very much. Our general rule is that if it is under twenty degrees then we do not go outside and instead, we will stay inside and do a lot of large motor activities.

We will also be starting to focus on sight words this month in preparation of Kindergarten. We will do a sight word a week just like how we are doing a letter a week.

Also we do ask that if you will be bringing your child in, that they are here by 10AM. If you call ahead of time to let us know they will be late then we can except them. If they are not here by ten with no phone call then we have to turn them away.

We can’t wait for a great start to another year! Thank you for all of your help!

Ms. Maddy, Ms. Pam, Ms. Romina, Ms. Liz and Ms. Melissa

The Black Bear Teachers  


Grizzly Bears

Ms. Leewitt,  and Ms. Kennedy  

Grizzly Bears:

HAPPY NEW YEAR Grizzly Parents and Families,

Welcome to 2016!! A new year brings new adventures and learning experiences for our kids.

December was a cold month. We will start this year’s themes with fun filled experiments themed around “Heating It Up!”

The themes this month are:

  • Heating It Up
  • Winter Animals and Hibernation
  • Martin Luther King Jr. & Art Studio (Different Methods of Art)
  • Under the Sea

January has a couple “No School” and one “Late Start” day during the month.

  • 1/6 Late Start – Flagstaff
  • 1/15 No School – SVVSD
  • 1/18 No School – Flagstaff, SVVSD, Sunset Private Kindergarten and TPCA

As these days get closer we will post the dates outside the Grizzly room on the Theme Board.

Please make sure you have afternoon snacks and lunches packed for your kiddo on “No School” days.

Our large STEM activity this month is a bowling alley.  It will be quite and adventurous for the kids to plan out, create and analyze their bowling alley.  We’re looking forward to seeing if they can integrate a ball return system into the bowling lanes.

We’d like to say thank you, and encourage you to continue bringing winter coats, mittens, boots and hats to protect them from the frigid temperatures during the day.  We do try to get a little fresh air and outside playtime after school and during days off.

We wish your family only the best this year and thank you for being part of our Sunset Academy family.



*Please Note: We have a peanut and berry allergy in our room, so please pack food items without peanuts for lunches and snacks.