September Newsletter


Dear Parents,

September is here.Fall is right around the corner. Please remember to let teachers know if you will be out for vacations. Remember if your child is here full time we offer 10 days a vacation time a year. Part time we offer 5 days. Please come see me if your interested in using your vacation days. I can let you know how many days you have accumulated. Please note that these days do not roll over. New days will begin on the anniversary of the day you started here at Sunset.

We will be closed September 7th for Labor Day. This day can not be used as a vacation day as it’s a paid holiday for our teachers.Thank you to all that have turned in your Emergency evacuation forms to Rachel. We will hopefully be up and running with our disaster plan in the next few weeks. If you have not turned in your forms please do so by the end of the week. Thank you for helping us keep our families and children safe.

It has took some time but the playground is up and running. The little ones our enjoying their new play space as well as our Panda bears having a new play structure. Our little cubs finally have a place to play and explore outside. Were glad that most of the construction is finally over. We have a few more things were working on thought the center.

Our finger print system is currently under construction. We have went back to our old door codes for the time being. Please bear with us as we continue working out the kinks. If you are new to Sunset and don’t have a door code please stop by the front desk to get one.

We will be doing a free trail day of Soccer Shots on Thursday September 3rd. Mr. Tim will be here at 10:00am to demo the classes. Fall classes will begin Thursday, September 10th. Please stop by to See Kristy to sign up for classes if you haven’t done already online.

One last reminder, if your child will be out for the day please call the center before 10:00am so we can staff accordingly. This helps insure that all children are accounted for.

Please write down any van changes for before and after school kiddos. There is a van run change of schedule folder available to make changes for the van drivers. It is located by the front door, by the sign in and out sheets.

Time sure flies and our wonderful children are growing by leaps and bounds.

I am so grateful to have this time with your children.


 Miss Kristy

Cub Bears
The Cub room is booming in September !!!
Please Welcome Jake, Zach, Pomona, Makella and August, to our classroom!!!
We have been working a lot on tummy time, sitting up, and a few of our friends are starting to roll all over exploring the cub room.
Reminder – Please watch for our crawling/moving babies. 
Another reminder, the cub room is going back to individual wipesinstead of community wipes. 
We are asking each family to bring in 1 hard box of wipes and the rest will
just be refill packs.  
Most of you have met our new assistant teacher, Miss Juliana. Please welcome her. 
Thank you for always trusting us with your precious child. 
The Cub Teachers  

Teddy Bears
Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Tina, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Chantell

A new school year has begun and the Teddies are on the move. 

The new theme for our classroom is Ocean. 

Please take a look at your child’s whale, our school of fish, and our seahorses. 

As a reminder, please bring in a family picture for our anemone area. 

We would like to welcome Sophia and Mariel to our Teddy Class. 

We look forward to working and having fun with you both. 

September is the beginning of the colors changing, so we will be working with colors and sensory objects.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.  

Teddy Teachers

Koala One’s

The Koalas have had a lot of fun with Splash Day this Summer. It is sad to say our last Splash Day is Friday, September 4th.

The Koalas have been working hard on flash cards, making the different sounds of animals that we see. We are trying our best to say the names as well. 

Very excited to have Miss Brittany as the new Koala 1 Assistant Teacher.

Miss Brittany has 10 years of experience in childcare plus a son who is 3 years old. 

The children are enjoying playing playing and learning with Miss Brittany. 

Be on the look out for some “homework” projects next week as we start to learn about Our Families, Where We Live, and All About Me. 

Themes this month are:

Where We Live, My Family, Fall, and Community Helpers.

Ms Brenda and Ms. Brittany

Koala I Teachers

Koala Two’s
Ms. Jamie and Ms. Patty  
Time is flying it’s September already!!!
Just a reminder we will be closed September 7th in observance of Labor Day.
We will be checking because they are getting full. Also make sure their clothes are fall appropriate. It is getting a little cooler in the mornings when we go outside. The last day for splash day is September 4th.
We are very excited for our new playground. We cannot wait to play on it!!!!
Our themes for this month are:
Where We Live
My Family
Community Helpers
We have lots of fun active art projects planned for our themes.
On another note, please ensure to have your child here by 10AM. If you have appointments that will delay your arrival time, please call Sunset and let us know.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
The Koala II Teachers 

Panda One’s

Dear Panda One Families,The dog days of summer are officially over.  School is back in session, and the fall season is upon us.  We hope everyone had a wonderful summer, and we are looking forward to all of the exciting activities that the fall season has in store for us.

After several months of setbacks, the construction of our new playground is finally complete!  The deconstruction crew broke ground on Monday, August 24th, removing pea gravel, mulch, and all remaining structures from the infant, toddler, and pre-K playgrounds.  They began leveling the ground on Tuesday, and the new turf will was installed on Friday, August 28th.  Construction was completed over the weekend, and the children resumed play on the new structure on Monday, August 31st.  Yay!!!

The Musicare program with Miss Amy is scheduled to resume on Friday, September 04, 2015.  Registration forms were distributed via the children’s cubbies last month.  If you are interested in enrolling your child, please return a completed registration form with your payment bySeptember 4th.  If you lost or misplaced your child’s registration form, please see Miss Becka for another one.

Sunset Academy will be closed Monday, September 07, 2015 in observance of Labor Day.  Please let us know if your child will be in or out  for the remainder of the Labor Day week; a sign-in/sign-out sheet is posted on the white board in the hallway.

Weather permitting, the final Splash Day for 2015 will be hosted on Friday, September 4th.
Please provide the following:
swim suit
water shoes
sunglasses and sun hats are also recommended

September Curriculum Themes:
Week 1: Where We Live
Week 2: My Family
Week 3: Fall
Week 4: Community Helpers

Activities and Enrichments:
The “Where We Live” segment of this month’s curriculum will focus on different types of homes for both humans and animals.  The children will create shape houses by gluing an assortment of construction paper shapes: squares, triangles, rectangles, and circles onto a large piece of construction paper; this activity is great for shape and color recognition, as well as fine motor development.  In the Science and Sensory area of the classroom, we will be including various building materials for the children to engineer with and explore.  We will experiment with each one to discover which material, or combination of materials, is the strongest.  As an enrichment to go along with the story of The Three Little Pigs, we will be constructing a house of straw, a house of sticks, and a house of bricks (legos).  The children will also be using their eyes and hands to explore the size, shape, weight, and texture of each material.  We will also be adding sand to our indoor sensory table, along with a variety of items such as empty milk cartons, plastic buckets, cups, and sand molds for the children to use to form castles, buildings, and homes.  Furthermore, we will be expanding the children’s concept of “where we live” by exploring the different homes and habitats of various animals and insects: farm animals, jungle animals, sea animals, birds, bees, worms, spiders, and ants.

As you may have already guessed, the “My Family” segment of the curriculum is all about family.  In this day and age, the word “family” means different things to different people, and for some, the family make-up stretches far beyond the traditional formula of father/mother/and children.  Please provide a family photo for your child to share with the class.  We will discuss who is in the photo, and what they are doing.  We will spend time talking about fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmothers, grandfathers, and pets; and we will explore the notion that family extends beyond the home – that is, some people can be a part of our family even though they don’t live in the same home.  We will be adding books and magazines to our reading area that show people doing different activities together such as: hiking, camping, swimming, playing, eating, reading, etc., and we will talk to the children about what they do with their family.

As a large-group art project, we will be creating a fall-themed backdrop for the bulletin board.  We will also be experimenting with color mixing to create fall colors: orange and brown.  As we move into the fall season, and the leaves on the trees begin to turn we will spend time outdoors observing the changing of the seasons.  New color stacking cubes, as well as a new set of water droppers has been added to our light table and out Science and Sensory play areas.

Our “Community Helpers” theme will focus on the general concept of helping, as well as the many different ways in which we can help.  We will discuss what it means to help, and practice helping each other in the classroom.  We will also learn about some of the different jobs that people do to help others in our community: police and firefighters, doctors and nurses, veterinarians, teachers, librarians, etc.  Outfits and attire that correspond to each profession have been added to our Dramatic Play area for the children to wear.

Moving House by
The Three Little Pigs by
How We Help by John Serrano
Who Works in My Neighborhood? by John Serrano
I’m Going to be a Firefighter by Edith Kunhardt
On Mother’s Lap
Are You My Mother
What Daddies Do Best

On Monday, September 28th Nicholas and Simon will begin their transition to Panda Two.  In their place we will be welcoming Kevin and Lucas from Koala Two.  Congratulations on your graduation, friends!  We are very proud of you!

We would like to wish a happy birthday to our friends Noah and Layla!!!  Noah celebrated his second birthday on August 25th, and Layla will be turning two on September 8th.

Important Dates:
September 1: Stretch ‘n’ Grow
September 4: Musicare begins; Final Splash Day
September 7: CLOSED for Labor Day
September 8: Stretch ‘n’ Grow; Layla’s Birthday
September 11: Musicare
September 15: Stetch ‘n’ Grow
September 18: Musicare
September 22: Stretch ‘n’ Grow
September 25: Musicare
September 28-October 02: Transition Week
September 29: Stretch ‘n’ Grow

Last, but certainly not least, Miss Jessica is moving to Nebraska!  Her last day in the Panda One classroom will be Thursday, September 3rd.  While she will undoubtably be missed, we are very excited for her to begin a new chapter of her life.  We wish her all the best in her future endeavors, and we hope she will come back to visit us soon!

As always, we welcome your feedback.  If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with one of us.  Thank you!

Until next month…take care!

Miss Becka, Miss MaryJane, and Miss Jessica
The Panda One Teachers

Panda Two’s
Well Summer has come and gone. The last day for Splash Day is Friday, September 4th. I cannot believe summer is over. The kids had a wonderful time with Splash Day and enjoying the warm weather. 
We welcome April and Boedi to Panda 2’s. 
Potty training is booming in our classroom. We have some tough days but the kids are doing great! If you have any concerns about potty training, please see Ms. Delora. 
Next month we will be learning about Where We Live, My Family, Fall, and Community Helpers. 
Thank you parents for your help and support during training. It means a lot!!!
Panda Teachers
Ms.Delora, Ms. Jen and Ms. Rachel

Polar Bears
Ms. Toni, Ms. Bridgett , Ms. Becca
Happy September to all of our Polar Bear families! Summer time is coming to an end and the cooler weather is right around the corner! Please make sure your child has a light jacket for morning recess it might be a little chilly.
This month we will be learning about Where we live, My family, Fall & Community helpers!
Letters this month will be E, F, G & H
A couple experiments and goodies we will be making this month:
Apple volcanoes, Apple pie, Hopping corn & Fall cookies!
Apple volcanoes
Apple pie
Hopping Corn
Fall cookies

Brown Bears
Ms. Diane, Ms. Vanessa, Ms. Romina and Ms. Leslie
Hello and welcome to all our wonderful Brown Bear Parents. We really appreciate all you do to help our classroom run smoothly. Stopping at the restroom 1st upon arrival and labeling food and clothes are creating a smoother transition for all of us.
Your children are adjusting quickly to our expectations; walking in a line, following directions, nice hands, and kindness to all!
Our focus will be on socialization and learning through fun. The new STEM math manipulatives, science magnetic scenes, wooden puzzles and of course ABC Mouse are some of their favorite activities already.
We will begin making letter of the week books. The children will practice cutting, coloring, and reading their books to us and hopefully will be so proud they will want to read them to you at home too.
We are looking forward to a great year and watching your children grow, they are amazing.
Enjoy your time together laugh, play, and READ, it goes fast!
Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask, call, or drop us a note.
Lots of love,
The Brown Bear Teachers

 Black Bears

Hello Everybody! Fall is coming fast so we are all done with Splash Days until it gets warmer again. We do still ask that your Black Bears come with sunscreen already on, because we are the first ones to go outside. Some themes we are going to have this month are: Where We Live, My Family, Fall, and Community Helpers.
Letter recognition and number recognition is something we will be focusing a lot on. Working at home with your child is always something to consider to help reinforce what we learn at school. Some basic things you could help with them learning is identifying individual letters and writing their names.
If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask.
Miss Maddy works 7:15 to 3:45, if she is not there, you can leave a note and she will get back to you as soon as possible.
The Black Bear Teachers  

Grizzly Bears
Ms. Leewitt,  and Ms. Kennedy
Happy September Grizzly Parents and Families,
This section of the newsletter is dedicated to important dates for Sunset students’ local schools & the variety of activities we do in the Before and After School Program here at Sunset Academy.
The Before and After School Program provides themed activities for students before they head to school and after they get back. Along with this we provide activities for “Late Start”, “Early Release” and “No School” days for our local schools. We also allot time for reading and/or school studies, free time fun, and socializing each day.
This month the themes are:
  • Apples
  • Where We Live
  • My Family
  • Fall
  • Community Helpers
Each theme includes fun STEM activities with lessons “snuck in” so your child is learning but not always realizing it.
We have one “Late Start,” “No School” & “Early Release” day this month & one day Sunset is closed. The dates are listed below:
9/2/15 Late Start – Flagstaff & Saint Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD)
9/24/15 Early Release – Flagstaff
9/25/15 No School – Twin Peaks Charter Academy (TPCA)
As we get closer to these days we will place a reminder on the white board outside Grizzly Room where the weekly theme is posted.
Please make sure you have snacks and lunches packed for your kiddo on “No School” and “Early Release” days. Please be aware, we do have a nut allergy in the classroom; so please no peanuts or other nuts in the lunches or snacks.
Some alternatives for Peanut butter spreads are:
  • Sunflower Butter,
  • Sesame Seed (Tahini),
  • Wow Butter Soybutter,
  •  Lotus Biscoff European Cookie Spread.
Each have their own unique flavor for those choosy eaters. If you choose to use one of these please label “PB ALT.” on the container to avoid any confusion with real nut products. Please ask teachers if you have any concerns about foods brought in the classroom. Let’s help keep our kids safe.
We look forward to continuing to learn and grow with our Grizzly friends.


Private Kindergarten

Our first week of kindergarten was a great success! The kids are adjusting to the new schedule, rules, and routines of the new classroom. They are already working hard and having a good time.

Our kindergarten class will make regular trips to the Longmont Public Library. During these visits we hope to listen to storytime as well as check out books for the class to enjoy. Our first trip to the library will be in the morning on Wednesday September 9. We hope to join Bibli the Library Robot for a story! I will post on the large whiteboard outside the classroom when we schedule our second visit to the library.

Please make sure to check the small whiteboard in the hallway for any non-school days to know when to prepare a lunch for your child. A lunch should be sent to school with your child on all non-school days.

I am very excited for the great year ahead of us!
Miss. Kim
*Please Note: We have a peanut and berry allergy in our room, so please pack food items without peanuts for lunches and snacks.