May Newsletter

Dear Parents,
May is here! Where has the time gone? I have been with Sunset for over seven years. I can’t believe that our little Cubs and Teddies are going to be graduating out of Black Bears soon. I am excited to be a part of their upcoming graduation.
Graduation for our Black Bears will be Friday, May 22, 2015 at 6:30pm. It will be held at the Plaza Convention Center in the Front Range room. 1900 Ken Pratt Blvd. Longmont Colorado.  Please have your graduate arrive by 6:15pm. We will start promptly at 6:30pm. A small reception of cake and punch will follow.
Please make sure to stop by and see Miss Kim if you have not picked up your graduation announcements yet.
I wanted to personally thank a few parents for their help at Sunset Academy. The first is Kelly and Greg Brooks and their family who taught a  S. T. E.M class to our older pre-schoolers. The kids had a blast creating a rolling balloon car. The kids had fun learning about science while playing. Isn’t that what learning is all about?
The second thank you is to the Camery and Blackwell families. They have worked hard in the cold and rain to begin our Spring garden. With the help of the Polar Bear children we planted lots of veggies that will be used in our lunches. Snap peas, carrots, potatoes, cabbage and herbs… just to name a few. A big thank you to Miss Rachel for shopping and planning out the garden. Along with the children we are excited to taste what we have grown.
Kris Camery and I will plan a day in  June to plant our warm weather veggies. Please stop by and see me if you would like to help harvest or plant the next round of goodies.
Last but not least, I wanted to thank Becki Loughlin a local Librarian. She was kind enough to donate over 60 books to Sunset for our older preschoolers. It was amazing to see the smiles on the kids faces when they were told they got to take home this special book.
Spring cleaning is way under way at Sunset Academy. Carpets and tiles will be cleaned and classrooms will be decluttered. If you have a donation for the center please stop by to see Kristy or Rachel before bringing it to the center. We have has so many donations were not sure what to do with it all.
Have you had a chance to look around the center and see some of our recent purchases? New climbers, rugs and kitchens galore. Many more things to come.  S.T.E.M. is under way at Sunset.
On Wednesday, April 29th all children three and above were involved in a Soccer demonstration through St. Vrain Soccer FC.
There are sign up sheets available at the front desk. Classes start Wednesday, May 16th and run for 6 weeks.
If you have not signed up for Summer Camp please do so quickly. Leewitt has many exciting field trips scheduled. I’m hearing one may include a Magician. With Summer camp starting May 22nd, we will be busing the children up to four days a week for field trips. Thus making it hard for any other transportation. Due to this, we will be holding off of transporting to Airbore Gymnastics until the Fall.The week of May 4th – May 8th, is Teacher Appreciation week. In honor of all that they do, we have a few surprises planned for them. Our center would not be the same without them.
I hope that all Mothers enjoy a Happy Mothers Day. Do something special with your families and make many memories.
Thank you for all you do.
 Miss Kristy

Cub Bears

Ms. Michelle, Ms. Hali , Ms. Krista and Ms. Stephanie
 May is bringing warmer weather so please bring sunscreen in for babies 6 months and older. We also are asking that parents bring in hats so we can make sure everyone is able to go outside and enjoy the warm weather.
We also have some lovely changes happening in our classroom.
We are getting new educational toys that help introduce the
STEM (science,technology, engineering and math) program.
We are so excited to help the children learn and grow all while having fun.
We would like to welcome Abbi and Mariel.
We are also sad but excited for Linzlee, who will be moving up to the Teddy Bear Classroom.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, concerns or comments.

A reminder that we will be closed Monday, May 25th, for Memorial Day.    

The Cub Teachers  

Teddy Bears

Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Tina, Ms. Amanda and Ms. Chantell

April showers bring May flowers…

With the warmer months approaching, we will be going outside more.

So please make sure your little Teddy has a hat, shoes or socks, and a light weight jacket or sweater.

The Teddies are into Spring, making flowers and Mother’s Day gifts.

Happy Birthday to our May babies. Rylan 5/2 and Gus 5/20.

We would also like to Welcome Linzlee to the Teddy Class.

  Teddy Teachers

Koala One’s

Ms. Brenda and Ms. Ashley

 Happy May-

Yay! We are getting some really nice summer days. Please be sure your child has a sun hat for outside play.
We do our best to help the children keep hats on when we are outside playing.

Towards the end of May, we will start having splash day every Friday. Please be on the lookout for a special notice later this month wit all of the details. The children really love playing in the water!

Wishing everyone a fun Cinco de Mayo.

The Koala One Teachers wish all of our moms a very loving and relaxing or fun Mother’s Day!

Ms. Ashley moved over from the Teddy classroom, to Koala One, to be Ms. Brenda’s assistant teacher.

We would like to welcome Hunter who also moved over from the Teddy Classroom.

Happy to have both of them in the Koala room.

Themes for this month are:
Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Pets and Bugs, kings, Queens, and Dragons, and Lazy Crazy Days.

Reminder: we will be closed Monday, May 25th, for Memorial Day.

If you have any questions or concerns please let Ms Brenda know.

Koala I Teachers 

Koala Two’s
Ms. Jamie and Ms. Patty
Once it starts getting warmer in May we are going to start doing Splash Day every Friday.
We would need you to bring in shoes that can get wet, swimsuit, and a towel.
We do not need little swimmers, we will use their regular diapers.

We would like to welcome Violet and Etta to our koala class and our new adventures.

On another note make sure child has a hat in their cubby so we can put it on when we go outside. We also need sunscreen and please make sure that it is not expired.
Also check their cubbys to make sure they have extra clothes. Please also make sure that the extra clothes are the appropriate size, these kiddos are growing everyday.
The themes for this month are:
Mother’s Day/Cinco de Mayo
Kings, Queens, and Dragons
Lazy Crazy Days
We have some really cool art projects planned, especially for Mother’s Day!
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
The Koala II Teachers 

Panda One’s
Dear Panda Families,Spring has sprung!We hope everyone had a Happy Easter!  We would like to thank everyone for their generous contributions to our Annual Easter Egg Hunt; and for those of you who were able to join us for the festivities, we hope you had as much fun as we did!

As we transition into warmer temperatures outdoors, we will be spending more time in the sunshine and taking advantage of every opportunity to bring the classroom out of the building. In an effort to to help us keep your children protected from the sun’s harmful rays, we ask that you please apply sunscreen to your child before dropping them off at school in the morning.  We also ask that you please provide a bottle of sunscreen for your child to leave in the classroom so that we may reapply it in the afternoons before we go outside; sun hats and sunglasses are also recommended.

May curriculum themes will include: Cinco de Mayo/Mother’s Day; Pets and Bugs; Kings, Queens, and Dragons; and Lazy, Crazy Days.

We will begin the month of May with two weeks of celebration in honor of May Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day.  We will usher in the new month with a dance around the maypole on May 1st. The remainder of the week one will be spent exploring Mexican culture, creating flags, and decorating maracas for Cinco de Mayo on the 5th.

The children will spend week two celebrating Mommy and crafting a special gift for Mother’s Day on the 10th.

For our Pets and Bugs theme during week three, we will be learning all about different types of pets and bugs; the children will take their bug catchers outside for a bug hunt, and we will examine what we find under a magnifying glass. Please feel free to bring photos of family pets to aid in our learning and discussion!

Week four is all about royalty and magic!  The children will craft crowns, and explore the magical world of Kings, Queens, and Dragons through art, finger plays, and dress up.

We will finish out the month of May with an entire week of Lazy, Crazy Days.  Week five will focus on leisure, relaxation, silliness, and flat out fun!  Please stay tuned for a list of wild and wacky daily themes.

On Friday, May 1st we will bid a fond farewell to our friend Grayson.  We wish Grayson and his family all the best in their future endeavors.  Goodbye, dear friends!  You will be missed!

Important Dates:

May 01: May Day
May 05: Cinco de Mayo
May 07: Happy Birthday, Simon!
May 09: Happy Birthday, Gilberto!
May 10: Mother’s Day
May 25: Memorial Day (observed) Center Closed

As always, we would like to thank you for your continued feedback and support, and for helping us to create the wonderful dynamic that we are so fortunate to experience here at Sunset Academy.  Should you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with one of us.

Until next month…  Take care!


Miss Becka, Miss Meghan and Miss Jessica

 Panda Two’s
Ms.Delora, Ms. Jen and Ms. Rachel
Summer is finally here!

Please go through your child’s cubby and change out winter clothes for summer ones.

We will hopefully start having splash day mid or end of May. So please keep an eye on the white board for messages.

If you are going on vacation, please let us know the dates, so we may staff accordingly.

We hope you have a great summer!

If you have any questions or concerns please see Mrs.Delora

Thank You,

Panda Teachers

 Polar Bears
Ms. Toni, Ms. Bridgett & Ms. Melissa

 May 2015


Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Mom’s!

There will be so many times you feel like you’ve failed. But in the eyes, heart & mind of your child you are SUPER MOM!


Please help us in welcoming our new friend Haylee!


May flowers are on the horizon!!!

We’re spending more time outside & enjoying the nice warm weather, just keep in mind that it’s still a

little breezy some days & we might need a light jacket.

Please make sure your child(ren) has at least two extra changes of clothes in their cubby in case of an accident or etc….

Be sure to keep a close eye on our garden since we’ve started planting. A special Thank you to Chris & Kristen Camery for helping us out with our garden!

This month we will be learning all about: Cinco de Mayo /Mother’s Day,

Pets & Bugs, Kings, Queens & Dragons & Lazy, Crazy Days


W, X,Y & Z

Brown Bears 
Ms. Diane, Ms. Vanessa, Ms. Romina and Ms. Leslie   
Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day!

The children are so excited to observe their peas, beans, and grass growing in our classroom. They are very careful to water and be gentle with the fresh sprouts.

Earth Day brought a great awareness on saving our planet and the kids are excited to continue being cautious. They are proud to mention that they shut off water while lathering soap and we turn lights off while outside. Recycling is always on their minds too.

Our outdoor garden will continue to promote “garden to table” and be a wonderful hand on learning experience.

May should be fun month of exploring more of mother nature our Bugs and Pets  unit.
We’ll then bring a little fantasy fun in the classroom with Kings, Queens, and Dragons unit.
Books will continue to be made and read and much learning absorbed.

We want to wish all the Mothers a wonderful, love filled Mother’s Day, may you be spoiled rotten!

 Thank you,
Brown Bear Teachers

Black Bears
Ms. Kim, Ms. Maddy, Ms Stevie and Ms. Ashley
Happy May!It’s hard to believe this year has gone by so quickly! On May 22nd, at 6:30 we will celebrate our graduation. Please have your child at The Plaza Convention Center by 6:15. We have had such a great year together and the kids have worked so hard. We are so excited for this next step in their lives!

Another huge milestone in our kindergarten preparation will be when we stop taking naps. I know the kids are so excited for this! We will have cots available upon request for those days we have extra tired kiddos. We will also have an extra snack to help us adjust.

Also this month, we will welcome Adeline’s grandma for a special presentation on Bears. May 14th we will send home our last homework worksheet! Yay!
We hope you have a great month and a very Happy Mother’s Day!

The Black Bear Teachers  

Grizzly Bears
Ms. Leewitt, Ms. Kayla, Ms. Nikki and Ms. Kennedy

Happy May Grizzly Families,

 It is amazing how fast the school year has just flown by. May is promising to be a very busy month. We will be wrapping up the before and after school program and transitioning into summer camp for Sunset Academy with field trips and lots of fun learning all summer. This newsletter is full of information to help us as we go through this transition.

There are several important dates for the Grizzly families to know about this month. They are listed below:

May 1 – TPCA early release

May 6 – Flagstaff and SVVSD late start

May 21 – Flagstaff early release & final day

SVVSD final day


May 28 – TPCA early release & final day of school

Please remember to have snacks and lunches packed for your kiddo on “Early Release” and all Summer Camp days. We do have a nut allergy in the classroom so please no peanuts or other nuts in the lunches or snacks. Let’s help keep our kids safe.

We continue to have lots of activities in the before and after school program. We are requesting families supply one empty 2L soda bottle for an art project for each of your kids by May 12th.

Our themes this month are:

  • Mother’s Day / Cinco de Mayo
  • Pets & Bugs
  • Kings, Queens and Dragons

Summer Camp starts with

  • Lazy Crazy Days of Summer

Calendars of our activities for this month are available upon request. We have 2 field trips and 2 in classroom days planned out for the first week of Summer Camp. We recommend getting a copy of the calendar to see important items needed during the month. Please ask a Grizzly teacher for a copy.

As the weather gets sunnier and hotter, we would like to remind families that the kids spend more time outside. Please provide for each kid:

  • A refillable, leak proof water bottle.
  • Sunscreen

We like to keep the kids hydrated and burn free. It is important to have one for each kid, as some may be on a field trip and others in the classroom, and we want supplies where the child is located.

Thank you again for being part of the Sunset Academy Family.

*Please Note: We have a peanut and berry allergy in our room, so please pack food items without peanuts for lunches and snacks.