August Newsletter

Directors note:

Welcome Fall!

School has started one again. It’s fun to see all the children excited for this new adventure. We have a few spots open in our Grizzly program if your child needs care. We offer before, after-school care and van runs to selected schools in the area. We also offer care for non-school days.

Please let me or Kristy know if we can help you in any way.

The S.T. E. M program is under way in our classrooms. Please check your child’s classroom for exciting changes to their daily lesson plans.

Sunset Academy is closed Monday, September 1st. 2014.  Please remember that you can not use vacation time for this day. It is a paid holiday for our teachers.  Thank you for your understanding.

Here’s  hoping you have a great holiday and make many memories with your precious children.

Thank you for letting us care for your children.

Miss Helen

Cub Bears
 Ms. Michelle, Ms. Carol, Ms. Madison and Ms. Krista

We just can’t believe school is upon again. the summer has been very nice to us! We were excited to welcome new friends over the summer. We look foward to more new friends this school year. The weather will continue to be warm a little longer so make sure to put weather appropriate clothing in the cubbies!
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
The Cub Teachers  

Teddy Bears
Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Tina and Ms. Viki 


Boy time sure flies, it’s August already. I hope everyone has been enjoying the Summer months with vacations and such. The little ones sure have been enjoying our splash days and daily outdoor walks and activities. 

Just a couple of requests: we would like to ask parents to make sure you update your child’s food choices, (for example if they’re eating table foods what are they eating) and to please record that on the daily sheets.  It would certainly help us to stay current on your child’s food habits.  If your child is beginning to walk, please consider bringing proper shoes, so they may get used to walking in them.

Last, but not least we like to welcome Aanvi, our newest little friend to the Teddy Room. “Welcome Aanvi”!

If you Have any questions. Please ask. Thank You.

Teddy Teachers 

Koala One’s
Ms. Brenda and Ms. Patty

 Happy August

This month’s themes are zoo/puppets, Back to School, All About Me and Apples.

Just a few reminders-

Please remember to apply sunscreen to your child if they are not here by 9:00am.

Please call in your child by 10:00am if they will not be coming into the center. This helps with staffing teachers and making lunch for the kids.

Patty and I do our best to keep your children clean and tidy.

Please make sure to keep extra clothes in your child’s cubbie in case of blowouts or just getting dirty from a busy day.

Koala I Teachers   

Koala Two’s
Ms. Jamie and Ms. Chantell
Dear parents welcome to all of our new Koala to parents!
We are so glad to have all of our new faces here and of course  treasure our older friends as well. We had lots of transitions in July many kiddos moved onto pandas and many transition from Koala I to Koala II. We will be having a transition in the not-too-distant future, and one of the lead teachers will speak with you if your child is ready to move up.
We have lots of fun new themes in August, so look for some great art in your child’s cubby each night. We will be continuing splash date each Friday, unless weather prohibits. Please make sure to pack a towel, swimsuit, and extra shoes for splash day. Also, it is the beginning of a new month, so please bring in wipes for our classroom. Thanks for all you do and enjoy the last bit of summer
The Koala II Teachers

Panda One’s
Ms.Becka, Ms. Meghan    
Dear Panda One Families,

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend! It’s hard to believe it is August already. Where does the time go? 

Summer is not over though, and with several more weeks of sunshine and warm weather still in the forecast, we would like to encourage everyone to stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors, and to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. We ask that  you please apply sunscreen to your child(ren) before dropping them off at school in the morning; we will reapply sunscreen to the children in the afternoon before going outside.

Also, weather permitting, we will continue to host Splash Day on Friday mornings throughout the month of August, so please bring your child to school dressed in their swimsuit and water-safe shoes on Fridays. We also ask that you please provide a towel for your child to dry off with when they are finished with water play.

On a related note, we would like to request that all families please take a moment to label your child(ren)’s personal belongings with their first and last name. This includes sippy cups, snack and lunch containers, blankets, and clothing. This will help us ensure that everything gets returned to its rightful owner.

ALLERGY ALERT! The Panda One room is a NUT FREE AND EGG FREE classroom. We ask all families to please be mindful of this when packing snacks and meals, and to please refrain from bringing these foods into the classroom. We also encourage families to review product labels as many foods contain hidden egg and nut ingredients. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and support on this matter.

A new teacher, Miss Lauren, has joined our team! She will be assisting on both sides of the Panda classroom (P1 and P2) in the mornings, and she will be closing the room in the evenings. Furthermore, a new friend, Jude, will begin attending in the Panda One classroom on August 6th. Please join us in welcoming Jude and his family to Sunset Academy!

As always, should you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to speak with one of us. We thank you for your continued feedback and support. Until next month…take care!


Miss Becka, Miss Meghan, and Miss Lauren
The Panda One Teachers 

 Panda Two’s

Ms.Delora and Ms. Jen
Summer is winding down. We hope you had a great summer. We will keep having splash day on Fridays until it gets cooler. Please make sure your child has all the needed clothing for splash day.
We say a sad goodbye to Elianna, she moved up to Polars. We welcomed Cassie, Nathan and Nora. 
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 
 Thank You,
Panda II Teachers

Polar Bears 
Ms. Mary and  Ms. Bridgett
July was a fun month for the Polar Bears. We had a joyful time at the Fourth of July picnic and enjoyed welcoming our new friends Hannah, Connor and Elianna to the class.
The month of August is going to be a busy one in the classroom, our themes this month are: zoo/puppets, back to school, all about me and apples. Quite a few students will also be transitioning to to the brown bear classroom this month.
Here are some important dates to remember if your child is transitioning-
Aug 14- parents back to school night 6:15-7:00
Aug 15- last splash day
Aug 15- empty cubbies
Aug 18- transition- first day as brown bears!
We are also sad to say goodbye to miss Melissa F. as she begins school at Wyoming state this year. It has been a fantastic year in the polar bear room. We are excited to see them blossom in their new classroom.
The Polar Bear Teachers

Brown Bears 
Ms. Diane, Ms. Kelly & Ms. Romina 
Our school year together is coming to a close. It is always hard to say goodbye, we get so attached to your children. We look forward to crossing pass in the hallway and getting hugs. Your children have grown and  blossom so much this year. It is always an honor to be a part of their lives. Thank you for all you have done and do Your child succeed and have fun while learning. We will miss you all.
Great big welcome to our new families, looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!
Important dates
last  splash day August 13
back-to-school parent information night August 14
transition to black Bears August 18 please empty your child’s cubby by Friday, August 15
Brown Bear Teachers

Black Bears
Ms. Kim, Ms. Maddy, Mr. Ty 

Happy August! It’s hard to to believe the summer is already coming to an end! We know the end of the summer means we have to say good bye to our amazing Black Bears as they move on to Kindergarten. It has been a great year and we will be sad to see them go, however, we know they are ready for Kindergarten. It is time for new teachers to see how amazing they are!
Please note some important dates coming up:
August 13- Last Splash Day
August 15- Empty cubbies
August 18- Brown Bears will transition to Black Bears.
For those of you who will be here past the 18th, your child will remain in Black Bears until school begins.
Any questions please feel free to ask.

The Black Bear Teachers  

Grizzly Bears
Ms. Molly and  Ms. Leewitt,  

Grizzly Summer Camp has been such a blast.  We have heard from several Grizzly Families that it has been hard to convince their kid NOT to come because they are having such a great time with all our projects and field trips.  July was no exception.  We learned magic tricks, watched butterflies take their first flight, became pirates & had a “cannon ball” water balloon fight across our ships.  We kept the momentum going with a luau and a jam session to rock-n-roll.  Many of our art projects have been posted around the Grizzly classroom.  Please feel free to come in and check them out.

As we look to August kids will be returning to school and we hope to see many of them in Sunset’s before and after school program, where learning and fun go hand in hand. Please sign up at the reception desk.

But before that we still have a couple weeks left of summer camp fun.  Our themes for the last couple weeks of summer camp are:

Reaching For The Stars:The Grizzlies will be learning about our atmosphere and the stars above us. PLEASE ARRIVE AT SUNSET BY 9 AM to participate in these field trips all week.

Shark Week: We coordinated this to coincide with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.  While we go on water filled adventures while at summer camp, Discovery Channel plans to have 13+ shark-filled specials and programs available to watch during the week which can continue the learning outside the classroom.  There are also many games and more to play on their website:

We look forward to continuing to learn and grow with the Grizzly friends.

Please remember we will be outside a lot. The kids will need a water bottle, sunscreen and a hat.
Kids will need to bring in a lunch each day as well as a snack.

*Please Note: We have a peanut and berry allergy in our room, so please pack food items without peanuts for lunches and snacks.

The Grizzly Teachers