July Newsletter

Director’s note  

Dear parents,

We will be having a third of July picnic starting at 3 p.m. In the field. There will be food and games and lots of cool activities for the children. If you get a chance to get off work early we would love you to come join us.
We will be opening the field at 8:30 p.m on Friday the 4th of July to watch the fireworks over at Boulder County Fairgrounds. We get a pretty good view from there.
You may have noticed that our garden is in place we are taking different classes out so they can explore and plant seeds and learn more about gardening.
We have also started teaching our teachers how to change our curriculum to a STEM curriculum. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We will  continue to teach reading, phonics, art and music but we will have some different focuses in the classrooms. We think this will ensure  that your child has the best possible education while still learning in a fun and active way.
Also remember if you bring in another family to Sunset, after they’ve been there for 3 months ,you will receive $100 off of your tuition

On July 24th, we will be hosting a free Love and Logic class located in the Grizzly classroom. Parents are welcomed to join. We will begin by 6:15 pm. This will be a free class given by Miss Helen. Please come ready with your questions and concerns.

A sign up sheet will be available beginning July 1st at the front desk.

Hope to see you there!

Thank you so much for allowing us to care for your children.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!
Miss Helen

Cub Bears
 Ms. Michelle, Ms. Carol, Ms. Madison and Ms. Krista
Happy 4th of July
Summer is just flying by and thankfully the heat is staying down. Towards the end of last month we watched our friend Cooper transition up to the Teddy bear room. He is having a blast with all of his big kid friends.
This month we will say goodbye to Aanvi as she will move up to Teddys. We know she will enjoy it just as much as much as she did in cubs. We will have two new friends join us this month. Miss Emma and Miss Aadvika. We are very excited to care for them.
Stay cool and don’t for the sunscreen!
The Cub Teachers  

Teddy Bears

Ms. Lorraine, Ms. Tina and Ms. Viki

 Summertime is finally here along with some late showers. Please check your little teddy’s cubicle for summer extra change of clothes. With this summer hot months here, we will be going outside more, so please make sure we have sunscreen for your child and shoes. 
We would like to welcome Noah and Cooper to our Teddy class. They are a bright and joyful addition to the class. We would also like to welcome Miss Tina to the Teddy class. 
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask us. Take care and enjoy the summer. Have a safe fourth of July.

Teddy Teachers

Koala One’s

Ms. Brenda and Ms. Patty

Happy fourth of July!

Hope all of our families have a very fun and safe Independence Day!

Lila and Walker moved up to Koala II we hope you have fun with your new teacher and friends. April and Raelyn  moved over from Teddies to Koala Ones.  We are so happy to have you both in our class.

Reminder that every Friday during the summer months we have splash day!  The children have had a lot of fun splashing in the water tables and exploring with the water toys. Please remember to bring your child a swimsuit, towel and shoes they can get wet.

This month themes our stars and stripes, vacation, sports, bubbles, colors and shapes.

Thank you

Koala I Teachers 

Koala Two’s
Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Chantell

June was a month of change for the classroom! We gained a new teacher, Ms. Stephanie, said hello to some new friends, and said goodbye to some old friends. We are so happy and excited to get to know our new friends and to continue building great relationships with our old friends as well.

This month, please remember that as long as the weather plays nicely, splash days are every Friday. Remember to send along or dress your child in a swimsuit, Please also bring a towel and water shoes.

In July, we will be working on using polite manners at the table -please and thank you. Your support and practice at home would be greatly appreciated! We will also continue practicing counting, the ABCs, and recognizing basic shapes. Have a great July!

The Koala II Teachers

Panda One’s
Ms.Becka, Ms. Meghan & Ms. Jen  
Dear Panda One Families,

We hope all of the fathers out there had a happy Father’s Day!

The first week of July (June 30-July 04) will be a short week, as Sunset Academy will be closed on Friday, July 04, 2014 in observance of the Independence Day holiday. During this week the children will learn to identify stars, stripes, and the colors red, white and blue as we explore the flag; we will also be learning about fireworks and parades.

Summer is now in full swing, and as temperatures continue to increase outdoors, it is important to protect your child’s skin from the hot sun’s harmful rays. We ask that you please apply sunscreen to your child before dropping him or her off at school in the morning. We will reapply sunscreen to the children in the afternoon before going outside. A memo will be sent home for those children who do not have sunscreen, or who may need a new bottle.

Splash Day will continue to be hosted every Friday from 9:30am-10:15am throughout the months of July and August. Please bring your child to school dressed in their swimsuit and water-safe shoes (i.e. Crocs or swim shoes). Also, please provide a towel, as well as an additional pair of shoes for your child to change into when water play is over; sun hats and sunglasses are also recommended. Wet swimsuits and water shoes will be sent home to be laundered.

During the month of June we said farewell to our old friends: Geyi, Easton, and Katie as they transitioned to the other side of the wall to the Panda Two classroom. We also welcomed three new friends: Harper, Jenette, and Edward from the Koala Two classroom. Congratulations on your graduation, friends!

 We hope everyone will have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend! As always, should you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to speak with one of us.

Until next time, take care!


Miss Becka, Miss, Jen, and Miss Meghan
The Panda One Teachers 

 Panda Two’s
Wow The summer is just flying by. The kids have had so much fun this summer. Splash day is a hit. Please remember to bring a swimsuit, towel and shoes that can get wet every Friday. 
We will have our annual fourth of July picnic on July 3rd. It will start at 3pm. There will be games, food and splash centers. Please feel free to join us!!
We hope you all have a great Summer and safe Holiday.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
 Thank You,
Panda II Teachers

Polar Bears 
Ms. Mary, Ms. Melissa A., Ms. Bridgett and Ms. Melissa F.
Dear Parents
Dear Polar parents in June we welcome the first day of summer, and had our first splast day. We welcome to new friends from Pandas– Hannah and Conner.  We are so glad to have them in our class. In July we will be learning about Stars & Stripes, vacations, sports, bubbles and also colors and shapes.
We are also going to review the letters: E, N,X, Y & R.
July is looking to be a very active month for us Polar bears. Splash days are officially Fridays. Please bring your child in all ready to splash. Please have them lathered in sun screen with swimsuits on when they walk in the door.  lastly, please label all your children’s belongings to avoid confusion at the end of the day
The Polar Bear Teachers

Brown Bears 
Ms. Diane, Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Kelly & Ms. Romina 
Happy July, we hope everyone was able to enjoy a long weekend with their families! This month will will be discussing and doing activities about the Fourth of July, vacations, sports, bubbles,’s colors and shapes. Splash days are very busy and we need your help in making sure your child arrives with sunscreen on, wearing a bathing suit, and water shoes as well as having a towel. Change of dry clothes and shoes please so they are comfortable the rest of their day.
Please take home all winter gear and change out bins to summer clothes. I hope we are done with snow now.
Thank  you  and have a safe and enjoyable beginnings of summer.

Brown Bear Teachers

Black Bears
Ms. Kim, Ms. Maddy, Mr. Ty
Happy July!
We had a busy June. We stopped taking naps. This is our final step in preparing for Kindergarten as they will not have naptime. To help with this transition, we are encourging extra drinks of water and we have added extra snacks in the afternoon. So far, the kids have been very excited and have done well with the transition. We also started splash days so we ask that you bring your child to school in their bathing suit and with sunscreen on. We also ask that the kids have water shoes and towels. Please label everything! We will take naps on Splash days because we play extra hard on these days.

Any questions please feel free to ask.
The Black Bear Teachers  

Grizzly Bears

Ms. Elizabeth,  Ms. Leewitt, Ms. Katy 

As the school year comes to an end we say goodbye to Grizzly friends for the summer and look to the future.

Summer camp starts this month. We have many old and new friends joining us this summer.
Our themes for this month are..
Wild West,
Rockin’ the Decade/Fathers Day
What Goes Up…
It’s a Jungle Out There.
Please remember we will be outside a lot. The kids will need a water bottle, sunscreen and a hat.
Kids will need to bring in a lunch each day as well as a snack.
We are excited for a all the upcoming classroom activities and field trips.
If you have questions please feel free to let us know.
*Please Note: We have a new peanut allergy in our room, so please pack food items without peanuts for lunches and snacks.


The Grizzly Teachers