Koala and Pandas (Toddler – 3 years)

Once your child is at least 12 months of age and begins to walk, he/she will be moved to the first toddler room. Activities are introduced to assist your child’s development such as small and large motor skills, language, and cause & effect learning. Older toddler’s move into the second toddler room where they begin to explore independence. They will enthusiastically begin learning to count and distinguish colors and shapes. Each room is subject to the developmental requirements as stated in the Colorado Social Services Rules and Regulations. Please visit or call the center for more information on those requirements.

In an environment filled with praise, your child will experience the early successes he/she needs to grow. When signs of readiness towards toilet training appear, we work with your child to provide patient guidance and encouragement, to make it a positive experience.

Our small group size with a 1-5 adult/child ratio assures your child a happy and secure experience. Toddlers are provided a morning and afternoon snack and a hot lunch.

Diapers are checked before all transition times (approximately every 2 hours). Obvious signs of soiled diapers are changed immediately.

Every child gets the opportunity to work with all materials provided in the classroom. Areas in the toddler room include: language, art, dress-up, blocks, large motor skills, small motor skills, eye-hand coordination, social skills and self-esteem builders. A child will not be forced to participate in activities he/she does not desire to do. Our professional caregivers interact with the children continuously during the day.