Polar / Brown / Black Bears (3 years – 5 years)

Once your child is potty trained, they move into the preschool rooms. Our preschool curriculum includes exciting and creative activities. Recognizing that your child’s first educational experience is very important, age appropriate programs are designed to let your child truly enjoy learning. Our teacher interaction allows for some structured programs along with free choice activities. lesson plans are posted in each room.

Preschool children are provided with a morning and afternoon snack along with a hot lunch. A rest time is provided after lunch. Children over five, or those who have outgrown napping, will be provided with other activities.

Our three preschool programs are developmentally appropriate for the age group. Each class contains art, blocks, dress-up, language, math, science, large and small motor skills and self esteem builders. The children have free choice of these activities along with teacher-directed activities to participate in. Music is integrated into all areas, as well as a designated music and movement time.

We also have computers in each classroom where the teachers schedule time to teach the children computer basics.

Playground time is provided daily to enhance motor development and learning opportunities (and fun!) in an outside environment.

Our qualified teachers interact with the children on a continual basis throughout the day. Field trips are taken when the teachers deem appropriate and with prior parent approval.