Infant Programs

Cubs (6 weeks – Crawling) and Teddies (Crawling – Walking)

We are licensed for children starting at 6 weeks of age. There are two infant nurseries, one accommodating 6 weeks to crawling and the second for infants crawling to walking. Each room is supplied with age-appropriate toys and well-trained caregivers who combine professionalism with gentle nurturing care. Both rooms are subject to the developmental requirements as stated in the Colorado Social Services Rules and Regulations. Please visit or call the center for more information on those requirements.

Our clean, well-maintained nursery allows your child to take full advantage of their exploring abilities with added safety for a nice stimulating homey environment. Our adult/child ratio is 1 to 3, well above the social services recommended one/five ratio.

All feeding and sleeping will be on demand. If a parent has a specific schedule for the child, we will do our best to follow that schedule. Diapers will be checked every hour. Obvious signs of soiled diapers will be changed immediately. Every child will be held, cuddled and stimulated with voice, touch, and toys. Each child is encouraged to progress at his/her own pace.

An INS (Infant Nursery Supervisor) is on-site at all times. We also schedule monthly nurse consultations to provide additional training and up to date medical information. The Nurse also monitors growth and medical health related issues of the children.