After School

Our before- and after-school program offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Sports, games, arts, and crafts are just a few of the programs offered. Time is set aside for homework every day. Our program is designed to include holiday breaks along with a summer camp program. Transportation is provided to most Longmont Schools.

The school age program is less educational, as children have been in school all day. These children are provided with an afternoon snack and homework time. The remaining time will be filled with games, large motor activities and social time. At the teacher’s discretion, field trips will be set up with prior approval from the parents. On non-school days, age-appropriate activities are planned. Parents provide a snack, lunch and afternoon snack on these days.

Special sports/activities include:

  • Soccer Shots
  • Dance with a private teacher
  • Stretch and Grow exercise class
  • Unique and Educational Field Trips