Sunset Academy Kindergarten for May 2017

For Kindergarteners in May we will be reaching for the stars! We will learn about constellations, the phases of the moon and outer space exploration. We will learn the names of the planets in our solar system, the life cycle of a star, how light and gravity exist, how the sun is different from the moon, how stars make up constellations and what it’s like to be an astronaut. We will read There’s no place like space by Dr. Seuss during sight word silent reading practice, and everybody is now taking turns reading aloud during group discussion.

STEM activities include working together and in small groups to revisit how time is measured, what numbers on a clock represent, and how clock hands move to tell the time. We will also explore what types of surfaces and weather planets can have, discuss the distance of planets from our planet, and how to make a space suit and rocket ship.

The school year finishes up the week before Memorial Day, and mark your calendars for June 16th when the Black Bears and Kindergarteners will have a combined graduation to mark ascension from preschool or Sunset Academy and celebrate the beginning of a higher learning adventure. Our cosmic conclusion to this school year will be full of fun and excitement! Thanks to all who help support our class and the rest of the Sunset Academy family!