Sunset Academy Newsletter for April 2017

Welcome April and many exciting things are happening to Sunset Academy!

First, I wanted to first thank you all parents for your support in our new adventure. Thank you, Miss Nina for all your hard work in help running Sunset smoothly. Thank my fabulous teachers for making Sunset a great place.

Our owner, Mrs. Vicky and her husband PJ, has decided to retire after many years of incredible service at Sunset. You guys will be missed dearly. I hope that your retirement will allow you to slow down and make memories of a lifetime. I can say for all our staff and families please feel free to visit anytime.

I wanted to welcome Mr. Eric as the new owner of Sunset Academy. Eric has been with us the last three weeks and has already made many exciting changes to the operation of the center.  He brings a lot of knowledge to the business side of Sunset and I look forward to working hand-in-hand with him. Stop by and say hi to him if you haven’t had a chance to meet him.

Mr. Eric and management have been working hard to make tuition accounts run smoothly. Parents will receive weekly statements in regards to tuition payments that include receipts of payments. We are also working on a program to make getting your vacation credits faster. In regards to tuition payments, late fees will now automatically be assessed to your accounts if payments are not kept at a zero balance by Wednesday each week. Your accounts can be paid ahead as usual.

Parents you’ll notice in our infant /toddler classrooms that construction has begun on new sinks and refrigerators in certain classrooms. These changes are due to state regulations and hopefully will be done with the project soon.

Classrooms have posted a signup sheet for Parents Night Out this month. Please make sure to stop by and sign it if you would like your child to attend. As always will do pizza and a movie.

Teachers are scheduling children conferences for the month of April. Stop by and see your classroom teacher to schedule a time that works with your schedule.

Our summer camp only has a few spots left. Please stop by and see Miss Leewitt regarding space. Summer camp is full time only for the entire summer. The kids will have a blast while still learning over the Summer.

If you have any schedule changes due to the upcoming Summer and preschool graduation please stop by and let management know. Remember you are required to give two week notice for disenrollment.

Congratulations goes out to the Loya and Francis families who’ve recently had babies. We’re excited to meet your new additions. We do have a few more mommies ready to give birth in the next few weeks.  Please remember to hold your spot in Cubs if you’re looking for childcare.

Thank you for trusting our staff with your children. We look forward to spending more time with your families and friends.

My doors always open for questions and concerns.

Ms. Kristy

Cubs News

Hello from the Cubs room! We had a wonderful month and have enjoyed the coming of spring. The babies have enjoyed stroller and wagon rides outside in the fresh air and warm sun.  This brings me to my next fun fact; we are in need of sunscreen and sun hats for the babies.  Please bring is labeled sunscreen and a sun hat for your baby to be kept at the center for our outdoor adventures!  With the weather being so nice we will be going outside daily. We are also in need of extra clothes for the babies.

More exciting news from Cubs, we have an email!! This will allow for wonderful communication between lead teacher and parent’s. At pick up time we have one thing on our mind, collecting our cuties and getting home. Then once you are relaxing at home you think of something that you wanted to ask or say and didn’t get the chance. Well now you can ask that question and make that comment whenever you think about it.  I will be checking the email throughout the day, on my breaks and planning time and then again when I get home. So please if you have any comments, questions, concerns or just wanted to say Hi, shoot me an email anytime at  and I will do my best to get back to you a.s.a.p.

Thank you again for trusting us to care for your little ones,

Ms. Anette

Teddy Bears

We hope everyone had a great spring break. With a new month comes new transitions. We have sent Quinton on a new journey to Koala 1 and we welcome Lena and her family to Teddy’s. Brekken celebrated his birthday and he is a big one year old. Xander on the 5th and Nova on the 18th will soon be turning 1! Watch for those first steps! We will be exploring lots of sensory experience using variety of pastel colors this month.

With warmer weather please provide your child with weather appropriate extra clothes this includes jacket, socks, and shoes for our almost walkers. The teddy class goes outside every day if not once in the morning and again in afternoon.

On April 7th will be Tina’s last day at Sunset Academy. We wish Ms. Tina the very best. New teacher to be announced.

Note from Ms. Tina: Thank you so much Teddy families. I’ve had so much fun in the Teddy room. I will miss you all so much. We have a great group of parents and this was a difficult decision to make. I will still be around to say hi. Thank you for the opportunity to care and teach your child.


Ms. Sarah and Ms. Tina


Koala 1

Can you believe it’s April already! Time has been flying by. The Koala’s have been working hard learning sign language for “more, please, thank you and all done.” Please help by encouraging your children to use sign language while at home. Feel free to reach out to any of the teachers if you need help with any signs.

Our Theme’s for the month of April are:

Weather Clouds – For art we will be making different types of clouds, raindrops and a sun. We will also be exploring with Insta Snow.

Easter – Counting Bunnies, tickling with a feather, finding Easter Eggs for our baskets

Earth day/Planting and Gardening – We will plant some seeds, learn about recycling and keeping our earth clean

Outer Space – Fun with stars, planets, spaceships and aliens

STEM – we will be focusing on Air, Rain and Sunshine

We welcome our new friends, Aeriel, Liza and Kian to our class. We are excited for you to join us. Bodhi will be moving over to Koala 2. We wish you well and hope you have fun with Ms. Patty and Ms. Jamie.

Ms. Brenda & Ms. Brittney


Koala 2

Hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day and a great spring break.

Time is flying; it is April already!

We will be having an Easter egg hunt in our Koala 2 class for the kids. We are asking the parents to volunteer to bring in goodies for the kids. We will be posting a sign-up sheet outside the class for parents to sign-up. We will also pass out reminder papers a few days before the event.

Also please, please make sure your child has extra clothes in their cubby! If you have any extra clothes from Koala’s please make sure you return them as we are all out of our spare clothes in the class. Thank you!

It’s getting warmer outside. Parents need to start bringing in sunscreen and a hat. We go outside twice a day now since the weather is getting warmer.

Zachary will be moving out of state his last day at Sunset will be April 14. We will miss you Zachary have fun on your new adventure.

Anastasia and Everett are moving to Pandas 1’s, we will miss you. Have a great new adventure in your new class.

We would like to welcome Bodhi from Koala 1. We can’t wait to have you in our class and have a great time.

Our Theme’s for the month of April are:

Weather Clouds


Earth day/Planting and Gardening (Earth Day 4/22)

Outer Space

Air, Rain and Sunshine

As always if you have any questions feel free to email us



Ms. Patty, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Liz


Panda 1

Dear Panda One Families,

Spring is in the air!  Bees are buzzing, trees are flowering, birds are chirping, and the children have been watching a mother rabbit build a nest in the garden just outside of the Panda playground.  However, this is spring time in Colorado, and the weather is often unpredictable, so we ask that you please keep your eyes and ears on the daily forecast, and bring your child to school dressed accordingly.

Before we jump into April’s agenda, we would like to take a moment to thank all of the families who contributed to our St. Patty’s Day Social last month. The children enjoyed eating green snacks and drinking green milk.


We have made some recent adjustments to our staffing in order to accommodate early morning arrivals in the Panda Room.  Rather than going to the Grizzly Room, children arriving prior to 7:15AM can now be dropped off in Panda Two with Miss Sammi; Panda One children will be brought to their side of the classroom at 7:15AM when Miss Becka arrives.

Upcoming Events

We will be hosting a Parents’ Night Out on Wednesday, April 12th from 6:00-8:00PM. Participation is limited to 10 children, and spaces tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up ASAP if you are interested!  A summer toy donation (i.e. buckets, shovels, sand toys, bubbles, etc.) is requested from those who choose to participate.  Thank you in advance, we hope to see you there!

Our Easter egg hunt is scheduled for Friday, April 14th.  Weather permitting, the event will take place outside during the school day.  Children can bring their Easter baskets to school and hunt for eggs on the playground.  Plastic egg, healthy snack, and treat donations are greatly appreciated!

Written evaluations of the children’s developmental progress will be distributed via the children’s cubbies mid-month, and parent-teacher conferences will be held on April 27th from 12:00-2:40PM.  For families that are interested, a sign-up sheet will be posted below the white board in the hallway just outside of the Panda Room door.


Last month we bid farewell to two of our friends, Olive and Mawuta, as they transitioned to the Polar Bear classroom.  Congratulations on your graduation, girls!  We are very proud of you.  In their place, we welcomed a new friend, Dylan, to our classroom.  Welcome to Panda One, Dylan!  We are very happy you are here!  We will have a full house again soon, as we will be welcoming two more friends, Everett and Lolo, from the Koala Two classroom by the end of the month.


We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Dylan, who will be turning two years old on April 15th.  Happy Birthday, Dylan!!!

April Curriculum Themes

Week 1 – Weather and Clouds

Week 2 – Easter

Week 3 – Earth Day/Planting and Gardening

Week 4 – Outer Space


Air, Rain, and Sunshine

Dates to Remember

Tuesdays: Stretch -n- Grow with Miss Michelle

Wednesdays: Little Belly Breaths Yoga with Miss Pam

Fridays: Musicare with Miss Amy

April 12th: Parents’ Night Out 6:00-8:00PM

April 14th: Easter Egg Hunt

April 27th: Parent-teacher Conferences 12:00-2:40PM

As always, we thank you for your feedback and support.  Should you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with one of us.

Until next month, take care!


Miss Becka and Miss Ere

Panda One Teachers

Panda 2

Welcome Spring! We enjoyed the warm weather March offered us and we even more excited for warmer weather ahead of us! In honor of springtime we are going to be learning a lot about “Growing” this month. The children are increasingly aware that they are growing bigger and bigger each day, so we will embrace this in our classroom through art, reading, and science! We will explore the growth in plants outdoors and observe the changes in trees and bushes on a “nature walk” around the school. We will plant sprouts and create seed collages!

Spring Weather: Although the weather is warming up, we often experience chilly days. Please leave a lightweight sweater in your child’s cubby daily. It is optional to bring rain boots and raincoats on rainy days. We often like to spend a little time outdoors on these rainy days!

We will be checking last year’s sunscreens for expiration dates. Please keep an eye out for any sunscreen request forms in your child’s cubby.

Donations: Our playground is in need of outdoor toys! We would greatly appreciate any toy donations such as, sports balls, shovels and buckets, sand toys etc.


            04/12- Parent’s Night Out

            04/14- Easter Egg Hunt

            04/27- Parent Teacher Conference- optional 


3rd-7th              Weather Clouds

10th – 14th        Easter

17th – 21st       Earth Day (Gardening)

20th – 24th      Outer Space

            STEM- Air, Rain, Sunshine         



Ms. Sammi


Polar Bear News

April showers bring May flowers. Happy April everyone! Our annual Egg hunt will be held on Friday, April 14th at 3:00. Please make sure to bring in sunscreen for your child (no spray sunscreen). Due to children not being able to share personal toys we ask that you please

Leave them in the car or at home.

Please take your child to the bathroom before coming in to class in the morning.

Themes & activities:

Weather Clouds (Air, Rain & Sunshine)

(S.T.E.M Science Rain cloud)


(S.T.E.M Technology creating egg models)

Earth day / Planting & Gardening

(S.T.E.M Math counting our crops)

Outer Space

(S.T.E.M Engineer creating a telescope)

Letters this month:

A & B Shapes & colors: We will be focusing on all shapes & colors


Ms. Toni, Ms. Bridgett & Ms. Cortney


Brown Bears

Spring has sprung and with that the weather is quite up and down in temperature. Please dress your child for chilly mornings and warm afternoons. You may want to double check cubbies for appropriate change of clothing too. Thank you!

Speaking of weather we will start the month discussing weather  including types of clouds. Hopefully your little meteorologist will recognize some cloud formations when they’re out with you.

We will have an Easter egg hunt as a math center during the day Friday, April 14. The center is asking parents to provide items to stuff the plastic eggs as donations toward parent night out on April 12. We still have openings for your child to attend while you enjoy some alone time, it is a big hit with the children. We are also excepting donations even if you’re not able to sign up. Oriental Trading is a good source for affordable choices to fill eggs.

Earth Day is April 22 your children will begin to plant and find out what is required to grow seeds and all it takes to keep plants alive. Earth Day gives us an opportunity to enforce helping our planet. Clean air, land, and waterways!
That planet earth focus will then lead to finish up the month by learning about outerspace too! Stem this month smoothly fits into our curriculum since it is air, rain, and sunshine. Your child will grow Mr. Hairy by putting a face on a cup and planting grass seed as hair. Eventually, they will be able to give Mr. Hairy a haircut and see what happens next.
You can now reach our classroom by email, for easier communication.

Please don’t hesitate with any questions or concerns.

Remember love them, hug them, laugh lots and read read read!



Ms. Diane, Ms. Vanessa, Ms. Leslie


Black Bears

Yay spring is here! In the mornings it is still a little chilly when we go outside so please make sure the kids are still bringing sweaters or coats to school. The last week of March we had started to cut naptime down by about 15 minutes. This first two weeks of April they will be cut by thirty minutes. Then the week after that, it will go down another thirty minutes. And the next week they will have thirty minute rest time where they can choose if they want to lay down for a bit or have something to do on their beds. After that we will be moving our more academic centers to the old naptime. Our schedule will look like this:

12:30-12:45 circle time

12:45-1:45 academic centers

1:30-1:50 writing journals

1:45-2:00 cleanup time

2:00-2:30 writing journals

2:30-2:45 bathroom time

2:45-3:30 outside time

If you would like to bring an extra snack for around this time you are more than welcome to. We would just have them sit down and eat before their writing journals. If not then we will just have them stick to your schedule. For the egg hunt this year we will have them do a little egg hunt during class time on the playground. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. The kids will be able to use a bag that we have, or they are welcome to bring something from home. We do have conferences on April 25th and 26th. We have a signup sheet on our door and if those times don’t work for you then come and talk to me and we can see if there’s another time for you that could work. Thank you! If you have any questions never hesitate to ask.


Ms. Maddie, Ms. Pam, Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Morgan


April is “ALL ABOUT ME” with a study about the five senses. STEM activities will explore how each sense works independently and in cooperation with the others to help us understand and interpret information. Each student will compile an “ALL ABOUT ME” book with writing and typing practice about interests, accomplishments, favorites and family members. In math we continue our study of number families and practice measuring objects through weight and length. We also have a cooking experience to celebrate Easter. Happy Spring everyone, and thank you for all that you and your children bring to Sunset Academy


Steph Hine

Sunset Academy

Kindergarten Teacher



Welcome to April Grizzly Parents and Families,

March was indeed a busy month and flew by quickly. The kids really enjoyed all of the St. Patrick’s Day, Viking week activities.  We would like to send a special thank you Mr. Rob for his presentation of his personal collection of Viking related items.  It really made the kids cheer.

April has 2 important dates to remember. There is one “Late Start” and the final day to for Summer Camp registration.

They are as Follows:

  • 4/5 Late Start Flagstaff and SVVSD
  • 4/21 Summer Camp Registration Due

Our themes this month are:

  • Weather/ Clouds
  • Easter
  • Earth Day / Planting & Gardening
  • Outer Space

Calendars of our activities for this month are available upon request.  Each week has a STEM activity involved.  Please ask a Grizzly teacher for a copy.

We will be having an Easter party on Friday 4/14 after school student’s return to Sunset Academy.  If you are interested in assisting with activities please contact a Grizzly teacher.

As the weather continues to improve, we see the kid’s energy levels increase along with their desire to be outside.  Expect to see the kids doing activities outside as daylight lasts longer and weather continues to permit.

Thank you again for being part of the Sunset Academy Family.


Ms. Leewitt